Attacks on apps in 2024 increased to 65% in February 2024 – an increase from 57% in 2023. This trend poses a challenge for app security engineers who are struggling to keep pace with escalating attacks while development teams are racing to build more apps, faster. Unfortunately, most cybersecurity tools focus on threats inside your corporate firewalls, leaving your web, mobile, and desktop apps “in the wild” susceptible to attack.

Our new 2024 App Threat Report sheds light on these critical issues and describes a confluence of several factors, such as AI-assisted malware development, the monetization of attacks, and the nationalization of attacks as driving the increased threat actor activity. Discover valuable insights, including key findings on:

  • The specific risks facing your app and your industry.
  • The surprising link between app popularity and vulnerability.
  • Proactive strategies to safeguard your apps in the wild.

2024 App Attacks Surge: Discover what changed and what the new data reveals about app attack trends.

Transparent 2024 Application Security Threat Report

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