Automate, standardize, and scale simple or complex enterprise application deployments in hybrid environments.

Enterprises are now in the middle of their digital transformation, migrating more and more applications to modern technologies. Unfortunately, there is still a mix of legacy applications to maintain and be integrated into these new applications, causing disruptions when deploying application changes. Below are the main challenges development and operations teams face in their journey.

Deploying applications is more complex than ever due to the numerous tools and environments to deploy applications. Across the organization, teams still use manual deployment processes pushing updates on a legacy system. In contrast, Agile and DevOps teams use semi-automated approaches to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster in the cloud. These deployment models result in fragmented processes, making application changes cumbersome and error-prone.

The cost to maintain dozens of deployment tools and their expertise, plus the cost of the time to deploy changes simultaneously in the hybrid environment deployment, and adding the cost of application change failure can exponentially increase the total cost of ownership.

In addition, to remain competitive, you are expected to continuously deploy application change to production securely and more efficiently while staying compliant with your business.

It is critical to have a multi-purpose deployment product that unifies changes to both legacy and modern environments, helping reduce cycle time and cost and delivering reliable application changes.


  • Manual or semi-automated application deployment to complex and hybrid environments does not scale
  • Deploy faster while ensuring application changes' security, compliance, and reliability
  • High TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) includes production failures, tools maintenance, and the cost of the time to deploy Deploy helps Societe Generale achieve strong value and powerful benefits for IT and business lines:

100K+ deployments a year

“ Deploy allows GBIS to do rapid, continuous development across the entire value chain. Everything deployment is very
smooth, logical, and predictable Deploy enables us to do many code updates per day, all safely driven in an integrated way (i.e., spanning concept, integration, testing, and release)."

Head of Continuous Delivery Platform
Societe Generale GBIS

Increase deployment efficiency and scalability while still ensuring reliability and security of application changes. Deploy is a market-leading, model-based agentless deployment automation product that increases the speed, reliability, and scalability of application changes to multiple environments, from mainframes and VMs (virtual machines) to containers and the cloud. Deploy takes a unique approach to deployment, which helps you increase speed and efficiency. Using Deploy, you can increase deployment scalability across environments to execute up to thousands of simultaneous application changes on-premise, in remote data centers, or the cloud.

Deploy also helps you secure your deployments through parameterized environment configurations, enterprise-grade secrets management, and best-of-breed connection and communication protocols. If problems occur, you can use the built-in automated rollback capability, so you can quickly recover from deployment failures at any point in the process, minimizing system downtime and improving the application change reliability.

Eliminate the need for error-prone and time-consuming handwritten runbooks and deployment scripts by using modular, reusable, and dynamic rules for deployments.

Our declarative rules-based engine can automatically generate optimized deployment configurations, cutting the time required to deploy an application from days to minutes while promoting best practices across teams. Changes in the deployment process are easy to configure, and once it is done, they can get propagated fast across all environments.

With the Deploy Lens, you can quickly identify process bottlenecks and other areas for improvement to refine your deployment process. It helps with visibility in the entire release and deployment process, helping you identify dependencies across the application development pipeline and simplify your application change.

With out-of-the-box seamless integrations, your teams can deploy their applications immediately for faster time to value.

They can also onboard any application your business needs with the ability to write custom plugins specific to the business requirements. Deploy additionally provides self-service capabilities that give teams with varying needs and skill levels the ability to deploy applications in a secure and standardized way and reduce the need for dedicated deployment expertise.

All these so you can have peace of mind when deploying application changes to customers. Deploy Solution

Key Benefits

Increase Speed and Efficiency

Deploy Increase Speed
  • Cut deployment cycle time from days to minutes with auto-generated and optimized deployment plans
  • Streamline configuration management and promote best practices for all technologies
  • Automate dependency management and enforce dependencies into the deployment process
  • Increase performance and reliability with full analytical insights of deployments

Deploy Applications Securely at Scale

  • Secure deployments with parameterized environment configurations, secrets management, connection, and communication protocols
  • Scale deployments effortlessly by autopropagating changes to all environments
  • Execute thousands of simultaneous deployments with remote deployment execution engines
  • Recover from failed changes quickly with a built-in automated rollback capability
Deploy Applications Securely

Lower Costs and Accelerate Innovation

Deploy Lower Costs
  • Standardize and unify deployment processes from legacy platforms to the cloud
  • Self-service capabilities for teams with varying needs and skill levels to deploy apps securely
  • Automate deployments to any target technology on-premise or in the cloud
  • Deploy applications right away with out-of-the-box integration and custom plugins

Key Capabilities

Automated Plan Generation

Generate optimized deployment configurations and plans automatically, cutting the time to deploy an application from days or hours down to minutes.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Deploy applications on-premise or to the cloud for faster time to value with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations.

Modular, Reusable Dynamic Rules

Automate your deployments with modular, reusable, and dynamic rules, eliminating the need for handwritten runbooks or deployment scripts and reducing deployment times.

Model-Based Approach

Make changes once and propagate to all environments, easily scaling your deployment configuration changes across your global deployment landscape.

Dependency Management

Automate the management and enforcement of dependencies to simplify and improve deployment performance and reduce delays and failures.

Deploy Analytics Lens

Gives end-to-end insights of deployments for improved efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy any application to any target technology on-premise or in the cloud to easily adopt new technologies and accelerate innovation.


Enable teams with varying needs and skill levels to deploy apps in a secure and standardized way, reducing the need for dedicated deployment expertise.

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