Traditional security processes and tools are no longer adequate to secure the apps created by ever more efficient DevOps teams. App Owners today need to embed security measures into every stage of the SDLC, a practice known as “DevSecOps”

Insert Security into your DevOps Practice

Enable your dev teams to integrate AppSec into their SDLC. Integrate SAST vendors into your Agile planning and Release processes. Obfuscate source code such that it is difficult/impossible for threat actors to read. Test secured applications to ensure there is no adverse impact on performance or functionality.

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The Benefits of Inserting Security into Your DevOps Practice

When you insert security into your DevSecOps practice you speed the time-to-protect applications, you decrease the time-to-detect attacks on your applications, and you shorten the reaction time needed to mitigate attacks.

Speed Time-To-Protect

Shift Left to build secure software

  • Include security as part of your agile planning
  • Discover known vulns by integrating your existing SAST software into your SDLC
  • Obfuscate code to protect against reverse engineering -- without interrupting coders
  • Test protected code to ensure neither functionality nor performance have been adversely affected
Speed Time-to-Protect

Decrease Time-To-Detect

Monitor applications in the wild

  • Eliminate known vulns from apps before they are released through integration with your existing SAST tool
  • Add the ability to monitor apps in production to your apps
  • Get notified when application code has been modified or put in unsafe environments
  • Monitor from stand-alone dashboard or within your existing SIEM
Decrease Time-To-Detect

Shorten Mitigation Time

React to attacks automatically

  • Write mitigations into your protection blueprint that are triggered automatically when attacks are detected
  • Customize reactions to alter specific application capabilities
  • Configure automatic shut-down of app upon tamper detection
  • Adjust Agile planning as more threat actor methods are discovered
Shorten Mitigation Time


What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps represents a shift in mindset that ensures security is not an afterthought but is instead a fundamental component of the application lifecycle. This approach enhances the protection of applications and fosters a culture of continuous security improvement. DevSecOps practices include:

  • Security considerations as part of Enterprise Agile Planning.
  • Application Hardening, which encompasses techniques such as code obfuscation, anti-tampering, and Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). These steps help thwart attempts to reverse engineer applications
  • Release Orchestration integration with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools to automate security checks, ensuring that vulns are identified and eradicated early in the development process
  • Performance and Functional testing on applications after implementing security measures to ensure that security enhancements do not adversely affect the application's performance or functionality

How Do I Implement effective DevSecOps practices?

Unless Security is embedded into the SDLC, attack surfaces will grow as apps proliferate and codebases grow. Mitgate this risk by ensuring your your DevSecOps processes:

Embed Security from the Start: Integrating security practices from Agile planning to Deploy ensures risk is mitigated early, reducing costs associated with late-stage fixes

Application Hardening Techniques: Implementing code obfuscation and anti-tampering measures, along with Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), significantly enhances your app's resistance to attack

Seamless Integration with CI/CD: Utilizing Release Orchestration tools alongside SAST allows for automated vulnerability checks within the CI/CD pipeline

Ensuring Application Performance: Conducting performance and functional testing after security has been added ensures that security protocols do not negatively impact your app's performance or functionality

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