Predictive Intelligence

Delivering quality applications makes users happier and increases business outcomes. Beyond continuous testing, companies need to predict the risks of application defects in production and make trade-off decisions before impacting customers and businesses.

Intelligence Quality Improvement gives you prescriptive recommendations to increase testing coverage for the organization, specifically for a Project or Engineering Manager. It also provides measures to test the effectiveness of your test coverage and views to help identify gaps across the development lifecycle.

With Intelligence Quality Improvement, you can establish consistent quality improvement practices across the organization by measuring success factors in the best-performing value streams.


Quality Improvement

Pinpoint and prevent factors that negatively impact customer experience

Quality Improvement Dashboard

Why Predict Data

Intelligence Quality Improvement correlates data from many best-of-breed Agile planning tools ( Agility, Atlassian Jira), continuous integration tools (Gitlab, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Azure DevOps Build, Teamforge), application lifecycle and testing tools ( Continuous Testing, Microfocus ALM and Quality Manager), and many others.

Reduce Rework

  • Prevent defect leakage
  • Increase code coverage

Improve Quality

  • Improve pipeline quality
  • Increase test effectiveness

Reduce Release Risk

  • Predict release quality risks
  • Avoid release rollbacks

Maturing from Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence

Quality Improvement Chart

Expanded Flow Acceleration Capabilities

Integration Marketplace

Out-of-the-box plugins to leading application development, build, and quality tools.

Domain Specific Dashboards

Dozens of pre-configured, ready-to-use dashboards and curated insight metrics.

Cloud Data Lake

Integrated data from multiple sources, normalized and available in a cloud data lake.

Flexible Platform

Build your own metrics and dashboards to support your business needs.

Quality Improvement Dashboard Samples

Quality Release Risk

Release Quality Risk

Predicts application defects in production and displays risk factors.

Prevent Defect Leakage

Prevent Defect Leakage

Prioritizes defect prevention opportunities in the various value streams.

Quality Effectiveness

Quality Effectiveness

Provides prescriptive recommendations to improve testing coverage and effectiveness.

Identify Blocked Pipeline

Identify Blocked Pipeline

Identifies quality bottlenecks and the impact of delay on flow.

Adopt an AI-driven Approach to Increase Throughput and Deliver Value

Quality Improvement Diagram

The Difference

UNIFIED DEVOPS PLATFORM - Integrate DevOps & Security capabilities to enable continuous delivery of software

POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Generate predictive insights that provide the intelligence to make smarter investments

CONNECTED TO THE ENTERPRISE - Connect to existing processes, applications and infrastructure to propel innovation that find new market opportunities


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