In 2023, we reported that the FinServ and gaming sectors were the most likely to be attacked among all industry verticals. Now, in 2024, the vulnerability of the gaming industry has dramatically escalated, with 76% of monitored apps falling victim to attacks. This outpaces even the FinServ sector, which saw 67% of its apps compromised. These findings highlight the urgent need for robust application security across all industries.

Our new 2024 App Security Threat Report sheds light on these critical issues and the confluence of several factors, such as the role of AI in malware creation, the monetization of attacks, and the nationalization of attacks.

Watch our on-demand webinar, where we’ll break down the most impactful highlights of the report. Discover:

  • The specific risks facing your app and your industry.
  • The surprising link between app popularity and attacks.
  • Proactive strategies to safeguard your apps in the wild.

2024 App Threat Webinar

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