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Shifts to the ‘extended enterprise’ mobile workforce require increased mobile collaboration and productivity apps. IT teams must securely distribute apps and support users’ needs. Enterprise mobile app management (MAM) enables IT to balance the unique needs of IT and remote users.

How App Management helps your business

'Bring your own device' (BYOD) is not a trend, but a reality that organizations face. The speed of business requires workers to have access to corporate data anytime from anywhere. Organizations recognize the vast opportunity provided by mobile apps to improve employee collaboration and drive higher levels of productivity. However, IT leaders are struggling to find an effective method to distribute mobile apps securely, while managing the support needs of the ever-expanding remote workforce. Organizations want to maximize productivity, and productivity delivered by BYOD and mobile apps are essential for that. App Management MAM simplifies the management and deployment of apps to any mobile device for IT professionals tasked with supporting remote workforces.

Enterprise Mobility Management for BYOD

MAM deploys apps to any device 

  • Device enrollment not required  – MAM simplifies the task of onboarding any mobile BYOD device.
  • Securely reach users with devices that can't be enrolled in MDM – not all devices work seamlessly with existing MDM solutions. MAM supports all mobile BYOD devices.
  • Supports existing EMM and MDM solutions – where rip and replace isn’t an option. MAM supports all EMM and MDM solutions.
  • App security and regulatory compliance – Centrally manage BYOD devices using MAM security policy features.

Extend Reach of Mobile Device Management App Management works alongside MDM

  • Easily manage and update any app  – complete security management of sensitive app data down to the physical mobile device using MAM in tandem with existing MDM solutions.
  • Distribute policy-enabled apps through existing app stores – supports the secure distribution and management of any app using MAM centralized policy management and Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Securely deploy apps across multiple MDM platforms – App Management MAM seamlessly works alongside all existing MDM security platforms on the market today.

Beta App Testing

iOS & Android Beta App Testing

  • Manage and distribute mobile apps using the App Management private app store.
  • Seamless distribution of both in-house and public mobile apps – securely manage and distribute apps to external employees (contractors, partners, or part-time employees) or trusted internal employee BYOD mobile devices.
  • iOS & Android Beta App Testing – developers can improve overall app quality, improve ‘time-to-market’ metrics, and continuously innovate on features by gathering user data and feedback.

App Management API

Integration with 3rd party vendors should be powerful and seamless. The App Management platform is extensible and easy to run side-by-side with any MDM solution.

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Definitive Guide to MAM

Best practices for driving secure app adoption and managing the complete mobile app lifecycle.

  • Enterprise "apps that matter"
  • Mobile-enabling the distributed enterprise
  • Limitations of legacy mobile management App Management technology Learn more about's industry-leading platform

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Enterprise App Distribution

An Enterprise App Distribution platform allows organizations to securely deploy and manage policy-enabled mobile apps through a variety of distribution methods, including direct links to users, a corporate portal, a private app store, or MDM/EMM systems

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Enterprise App Store

An Enterprise App Store is an HTML or native iOS, Android, or Windows private app catalog for mobile workers in the extended enterprise to discover and download corporate-sanctioned and secured mobile apps. A best-of-breed enterprise app store is custom-branded, solicits feedback and ratings from users, does not require device management, and sits on top of an easy-to-use admin console that secures any app and supports the full app lifecycle.  

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Mobile App Wrapping

Mobile app wrapping is a method for applying business or security logic to individual apps that have already been compiled. 

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Mobile Application Management

Mobile application management (MAM) refers to the workflow for security, governance, and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise. Best-of-breed app management provides app-level security for any app, deploys apps to every user in the extended enterprise because it is device management agnostic, manages the complete app lifecycle, and enables multiple app distribution methods, including an intuitive, custom-brandable enterprise app store.

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