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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 28, 2011 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Bringing the whole product lifecycle enchilada to distributed teams

Enterprise Agile Planning

Today we announced the general availability of TeamForge Project (TFP) – a slimmed down collaborative tool suite that includes an integrated tracker, wiki, document manager, links to Subversion, as well as forums and account analytics. It’s the whole enchilada, and follows extensive beta testing with over a hundred customers since Codesion’s acquisition by CollabNet last October.

What is TeamForge?

TeamForge, which was originally called “SourceForge Enterprise Edition” and was acquired from VA Software by CollabNet in 2007, is an easy to use and highly customizable lifecycle management application. TeamForge enables developers and managers to define issue tracking and development processes, share files and collaborate with technical / non-technical teammates, and centralize project and sprint planning. It also makes Agile planning easier with enhanced tracker and planning folder functionality that helps teams better understand the purpose, state, and capacity for projects, leading to better estimates and prioritized work. You can monitor updates across all of your projects, associate artifacts such as tickets, wiki pages, discussion threads, or forum posts with one another, and make updates by email.

TeamForge ProjectHow Much Does TeamForge Project cost?

We’ve released new plans that cater to the needs and budgets of distributed teams. Our Professional Edition “Starter Pack” is an all-access pass to Codesion’s hosted open source tools + TeamForge Project. It’s free for 30 days, and ongoing access for 5 or 10 users is $99/mo or $225/mo, respectively. CollabNet’s flagship product, which has previously been sold directly to Fortune 1000 enterprises, is now available from the Codesion dashboard with instant-on web access.

If you have 15 users or more, you would upgrade from the 10 user Starter Pack to the “Lifecycle” plan – which includes TeamForge Project and costs $480/mo. You don’t need to worry about security or scalability – the broader CollabNet organization supports hosted and on-premise Fortune 50 customers with tens of thousands of users per account.

What management tools do we use at Codesion?

We’ve migrated all of our task management, project planning, and document storage to TeamForge. We still use a single Trac wiki for the Codesion business unit, as well as Google Docs and Dropbox for light-weight file sharing and brainstorming. But we manage all of our official company documents, files, and collaborations through TeamForge, which has a better user experience and fine-grained access controls (a key element that Dropbox sorely misses).

I’m already using Codesion Trac & Bugzilla. What advantages do TeamForge Project offer me?

TeamForge Project is an all-you-can-eat suite of integrated developer tools, versus an a-la-carte set of Codesion-hosted point tools. TeamForge saves a ton of time previously spent logging in and out of different apps, or clarifying with teammates where to update tasks or bugs. If you’re a more mature organization, driving multiple parallel teams and sprints, and are finding that Trac + SVN leaves you yearning for centralized visibility, multiple project controls, or flexible artifact associations that support parent-child relationships and backlog management, then it would probably be worth checking out TFP.

Drum roll please….the TeamForge Proejct feature list:

  • Detailed feature set– review the product features on the Professional Edition Lifecycle page
  • Multiple projects per account – Add up to 10 TeamForge Projects to your Codesion Account, just as you add multiple projects with our version control services. Contact sales for larger deployments.
  • Subversion integration – We’ve integrated Codesion SVN with TFP through a commit integration that gives you traceability between code commits and other assets such as documents, change requests and test cases
  • CollabNet Desktop support – Access Codesion TeamForge Project via Windows Desktop, Visual Studio, or Eclipse using the free download for CollabNet Desktop.
  • Integration with Codesion’s role-based security– Configure TFP permissions directly through Codesion’s security system, as you do for SVN, Trac, or Bugzilla
  • Authentication integration – Log in to TFP with your Codesion details: use the convention “domain_login” as your username, and your standard Codesion password (single sign on coming soon)
  • Redundancy and backup – Peace of mind knowing that TeamForge Project includes hosting in multiple redundant datacenters, with hot failover servers for active disaster recovery and 24×7 expert monitoring
  • 99.9% uptime and support SLA – Comes with a 99.9% uptime SLA, and guaranteed support response within 4 hours plus 24x7x365 Emergency Support

How has the acquisition gone?

In case you’re wondering, yes, the acquisition has gone extremely well. As the corporate sponsors of Subversion, CollabNet is a true open source company with deep community roots and a collaborative business approach. Together, our combined companies have been able to reach a broader software population, and we’ve seen a major uptick in signups, training, and positive customer feedback. Thank you for your support through this period, and we look forward to executing on exciting new product enhancements you’ll be seeing later this year – designed for teams and small business.

The fine print: TeamForge Project is distinct from TeamForge ALM. To review TeamForge ALM and it’s features, including site-wide administration and branding, custom domain and IP whitelist, multiple SVN repositories on a single TeamForge instance, build and test integration via Hudson, CollabNet Lab Management, ScrumWorks Pro, and HP Quality Center integration, contact the CollabNet sales team.

Want to experience TeamForge Project in action?

Check out TeamForge Project by starting a 30 day free trial of TeamForge Project.

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