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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 23, 2013 — DevOps Expert

New Gartner Research: Know the Application Release Automation Vendor Landscape to Shortlist the Best Vendors for Your Organization


Gartner recently published its analysis of the Application Release Automation market, which included XebiaLabs as a highlighted vendor. The report examines the key Application Release XebiaLabs-GartnerAutomation vendors and is focused on giving Operations, DevOps and Development stakeholders’ insights on the market to choose the right automation vendor. The research outlines some of the key challenges:

  • Most development and IT organizations manually deploy application software releases with complex and hard-to-maintain scripts.
  • Development and operations teams have historically used very different toolsets that have not been designed to work together for application releases.
  • The need for more and faster application releases and changes continues to rise to meet the changing needs of the business.
The note provides recommendations and guidelines for purchasing tools to automate application deployment. It also outlines and analyzes the main solutions in the market today. In the report, Gartner highlighted some of XL Deploy's key strengths. The two main strengths Gartner mentioned are:“Agentless design that simplifies implementation and ongoing management” and its“strong support of .NET application environments and Java environment support.”Many of our customers indicate that XL Deploy’s agentless architecture is a unique technical differentiator and one of the key reasons they select XL Deploy. By not placing agents on target machines, XL Deploy helps companies more easily scale to meet the demands of the enterprise while reducing the cost and complexity of managing multiple agents. No agents also means much faster implementation and rollout across the enterprise. Many customers note that XL Deploy has proven to be the fastest, most cost-effective and most scalable way to deploy applications, particularly in complex multi-tier enterprise ecosystems. Gartner’s comment highlights the importantce of out-of-the-box content, and XL Deploy provides the richest set. In fact, we’ve recently expanded our .NET support even further with the release of XL Deploy 3.9, that includes a new  .NET Continuous Delivery solution with TFS integration. To obtain a copy of the report, visit:

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