Application Security for Hybrid

Protect the apps you write in JavaScript for the iOS and Android. Monitor those apps to discover attacks. Automatically react to app attacks

Obfuscation, threat monitoring, and runtime application self-protection for apps written on React Native, Cordova, Ionic, and NativeScript.


 Shift Left to protect apps

  • Protect hybrid apps from reverse engineering
  • Obfuscate hybrid apps as part of the DevSecOps practice
  • Prevent attempts to tamper with or alter hybrid apps


Provide visibility into hybrid apps that are under attack

  • See attacks and  attempts to put hybrid apps in compromised environments
  • Stand-alone dashboard with option to integrate with existing Security Operations Center tools
  • Real time alerts plus searchable logs


Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

  • Automatically react to attacks on hybrid apps
  • Customize reactions to attacks in order to alter specific hybrid application capabilities
  • Configure automatic shutdown of hybrid apps upon tamper detection
React Application Security for Hybrid JavaScript tech specs

Threat actors are better organized and have access to more funding than ever. They can tamper with your apps using any of the following easily available tools:




React Native


See why you need application hardening as part of your DevSecOps strategy!

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Mobile App Security for Hybrid

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