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Predictive Intelligence: Flow Acceleration

Gain predictability into the flow of software-driven value.

Software-Driven Value

Intelligence Flow Acceleration is an enterprise-grade AI-augmented analytics product to help Agile DevSecOps teams take a predictive approach to software delivery.

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Get Prescriptive Insights Across Your Software Development Lifecycle to Accelerate the Flow of Value

Predict Cycle Time

Apply lessons learned from the past to predict future value delivery schedules

  • Gain complete visibility across your distributed portfolio to understand the key factors and trends influencing cycle slow downs
  • Take action on areas threatening your schedule based on lessons learned by AI-ML
  • Reduce risk and prevent surprises fueled by AI-augmented insights and recommended actions
Predict Cycle Time

Identify Automation Opportunities

Identify the top opportunities to increase delivery frequency with targeted investments in automation

  • Improve accuracy, consistency and reliability with targeted action and learning
  • Target DevSecOps tooling budget to expand automation within areas that have the highest levels of manual tasks
  • Get recommendations to prioritize automation opportunities across different strategic themes
Flow Acceleration: Automation Board

Deliver Value

Identify opportunities to make cycle times shorter to accelerate delivery of value

  • Take a prescriptive and predictive approach in reducing lead times to meet your business goals
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and non-value work to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Demonstrate how time and effort on non-value work impacts delivery schedules and cycle time to develop continuous improvement plans
Flow Acceleration: Reduce Non-value added work

“When information flows easily, things get done. It increases software delivery performance and operational performance.”

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