Intelligence Quality Improvement

Predict and avoid software defects to increase user experience.

Product Description

Intelligence Quality Improvement is an enterprise-grade AI-powered analytics product to help Agile and QA teams take a predictive approach to ensure quality.


Deliver Resilient Applications with Quality

Ensure Quality

Ensure your applications are delivered with quality

  • Identify test coverage gaps between QA production
  • Increase test coverage for critical business applications
  • Make augmented data-driven decisions for application releases
Ensure Quality

Prioritize Fixes

Prioritize fixes to critical defects

  • Identify and act on key risk factors that may affect customers
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and minimize testing inefficiencies
  • Prioritize quality improvement projects that add value
Prioritize Fixes

Predict risks

Predict risks of application defects

  • Predict and prevent release quality issues based on AI insights
  • Drill down, analyze risk factors and find systemic root causes
  • Predict and lower common defects consistently and effectively
Predict Risks

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