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Predictive Intelligence: Quality Improvement

Predict and eliminate defect leakage before it impacts your business.

Increase Business Outcomes

Quality Improvement helps establish and deliver consistent user experience improving quality practices through the software development lifecycle.

The solution gives you visibility into test coverage and risk across all development and delivery phases to ensure early defect detection and root cause analysis while identifying areas requiring increased test automation.

These dashboards help organizations ensure consistent quality so you can deliver flawless user experiences.

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Quality Improvement

Improve Predictive Quality Insights Across the Entire Software Delivery Lifecycle

Increase Quality

Identify opportunities to enhance quality, reduce rework, and boost efficiency

  • Focus on improvement by determining which Agile projects have the highest opportunity rank
  • Increase test coverage by analyzing gaps between production and QA
  • Advance delivery by taking targeted action on work items, builds and test execution
Increase Quality

Unlock Blocked Pipelines

Address CI/CD pipeline blockages to accelerate flow, reduce cycle times and increase release velocity

  • Improve quality and flow by identifying the impact of pipeline blockages
  • Boost cycle times by reducing CI/CD pipeline bottlenecks
  • Increase improvements by tracking reduced blocked progress
Unlock Blocked Pipelines

Prevent Defect Leakage

Prioritize value stream improvement actions for critical business systems and maintain quality control

  • Mitigate the most impactful defects first by identifying defects by value stream
  • Increase accountability by measuring defect leakage and containment performance by leader, team, and value stream
  • Boost proactivity by predicting defects and costs with example actions
Prevent Defect Leakage

“When information flows easily, things get done. It increases software delivery performance and operational performance.”

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