Predictive Intelligence: Quality Improvement

Predict and eliminate defect leakage to boost user experience.

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Product Description

Quality Improvement is a predictive intelligence solution that helps establish and deliver consistent quality improvement practices through the entire software development lifecycle resulting in better user experiences.

The solution gives visibility into test coverage across all development and delivery phases, ensuring early defect detection and root cause analysis while identifying those areas that require increased test automation.

Quality Improvement helps you predict risks of software quality flaws, helping teams fix application defects before they can impact the business or customers.


Improve Quality Across All Digital Value Streams with Predictive Insights

Increase Quality

Increase test coverage with prescriptive recommendations

  • Discover gaps in test coverage that can diminish delivered value
  • View the impact that test coverage and automation have on delivered quality
  • See which teams are most efficient at defect removal and which teams need to improve
Ensure Quality

Prioritize Fixes

Prioritize fixes to critical defects

  • Identify and act on key risk factors that may affect customers
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and minimize testing inefficiencies
  • Prioritize quality improvement projects that add value
Prioritize Fixes

Predict risk

Predict risks of application defects

  • Predict and prevent release quality issues based on AI insights
  • Drill down, analyze risk factors and find systemic root causes
  • Predict and lower common defects consistently and effectively
Predict Risks

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