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Predictive Intelligence: Change Risk Prediction

Predict potential software change failures and proactively mitigate risks to protect user experience and bolster business outcomes.

AI-Driven Change Risk Impact Analysis

Change Risk Prediction (CRP) is an enterprise-grade AI-powered analytics product designed to help you predict which changes are prone to failure, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to avoid downtime and improve user experience.

With CRP, you can analyze the overall impact of change in applications and businesses, its past and persistent trends in incidents, problems, and outages, the overall change in credit and debit scores for the implemented changes, and the availability of applications. Additionally, the solution incorporates built-in AI/ML models that effectively reduce change failures and associated incident mean time to resolution (MTTR).

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Deliver Software Reliably with AI-powered Analytics

Reduce Change Failure

Reduce Change Failure

  • Predict high risk changes and take actions to prevent failure
  • Identify low-risk changes and automate deployment
  • Analyze and improve MTTR of change related incidents
Reduce Change Failure

Accelerate Software Delivery

Increase Efficiency

  • Identify pipeline bottlenecks to reduce lead time
  • Create a fast-track lane for low-risk changes
  • Prevent, predict, and resolve issues faster
Increase Efficiency

Optimize Change Process

Reduce Costs

  • Focus CAB resources on truly risky changes
  • Remove the costs of re-work of change and application failure
  • Optimize Service Desk resources by lowering change-related incidents and problems
Reduce Costs

Adopt an AI-driven approach to change success​

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