Agile Workflow Management

What is an Agile Workflow?

Agile Workflow, also known as Agile software development lifecycle or Agile development methodology is a set of incremental, iterative phases involved in developing and delivering applications in a way that prioritizes customer, business, and quality requirements from ideation to release.

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There are many types of Agile workflows and Agile workflow models; from lightweight team-level methods to scalable approaches for enterprise-wide Agile adoption

Team Level Agile

Team level agile provides the organizational and process models for teams. It includes:

Team Level Agile

Scaled Agile

Scaled agile guides organizational models at scale, including:

Scaled Agile

Why are Agile workflows important?

Each Agile workflow method has its own unique strengths and purpose, but they all share a common goal; deliver innovation and value with flexibility and through collaboration and continuous improvement. The following benefits can be gained with any one you choose.

  • Working versions of software are delivered quickly, frequently and with quality 
  • Dependencies and delivery process bottlenecks are minimized 
  • Products reflect the current state of demands by customers and the business 
  • Ideas are sourced from all teams, across the business 
  • Innovations can be introduced at any stage of the product lifecycle 
  • Work is made more manageable and predictable with flexibility to accommodate disruptions or sudden shifts in strategy 
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Steps or “how-to” create an Agile workflow

1. Adopt an Agile methodology that fits your company’s unique needs and culture 

2. Assemble cross-functional teams with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience 

3. Choose the type of Agile workflow, like Scrum or Kanban that best fits the way you approach application development 

4. Assign roles and responsibilities in accordance to your workflow, for example scrum roles, product owners, release train engineers, etc. 

5. Choose an Agile planning solution that will help you drive consistency, increase speed, and provide visibility and collaboration 

How can DAI help me create and implement an agile workflow? Agility is the industry-leading enterprise Agile planning solution driving efficiency by scaling Agile practices across all levels. With one solution, you not only get team level Agile planning, you gain enterprise-wide support for strategic planning and execution, and can choose a scalable Agile framework to fit your organization, including support for SAFe®, other custom Agile practices like Scrum or KanBan, or even your own customized methodology.

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