App Management API

The App Management platform provides a comprehensive set of APIs that make it open and highly extensible. This allows customers and partners to seamlessly integrate with and extend our award-winning platform for enterprise mobility management.

Integrate with the App Management API platform

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Improve the reach and security of traditional EMM/MDM

Traditional EMM products require that devices be placed under management with MDM profiles in order to distribute policy-enabled apps. By integrating with App Management, traditional EMM products and mobility management teams can now distribute policy-enabled apps without requiring device control, enabling organizations to overcome limitations and reach 100% of target users. 

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Provide greater flexibility for mobile application developers

Both in-house and contracted app developers can publish new or modified apps directly into the App Management platform via APIs. This reduces manual steps, minimizes the risk of distributing incorrect versions of apps, and facilitates the management of app signing credentials. It also enables developers to easily apply a comprehensive library of security and management policies. 

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Increase effectiveness of enterprise DevOps

Enterprise DevOps professionals and IT mobile administrators can automate the process of securing, managing, and delivering mobile apps to end users with a variety of policies accessed through App Management’s API and direct integration with continuous automation build servers, such as Jenkins, eliminating many manual tasks associated with traditional mobility management tools. App Management API documentation

The App Management platform API documentation is available to the public. We will continue to extend this set of open APIs as the app management platform grows. App Management API graphic

Why is openness critical to customer success?

We believe open and extensible enterprise mobility management is at the core of making mobility work in the enterprise. Mobility has grown in isolation from other aspects of corporate IT infrastructure. It evolved at a different pace, requires a different toolset, and is not yet uniformly adopted throughout organizations. When mobility is isolated and needs to be administered differently, it adds complexity to IT management and does not allow the enterprise to realize the full ROI of mobility. Openness will help resolve these pain points. App Management's set of open APIs is a collection of RESTful web service interfaces. These interfaces handle the management of many key elements of the App Management platform to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value based on our customer’s and partner’s specific business needs. This seamlessly allows external systems to access capabilities, such as publishing apps, performing app inspections, accessing reports, crowdsourcing, monitoring the overall system, and more.

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