Essential App Protection A low-code approach to protecting ALL of your applications

A quick and easy way to erect the first line of defense against reverse engineering attacks.

A recent study conducted by Aite group found that 97% of financial apps lack binary code protections, leaving them vulnerable to even the most basic reverse engineering attack.

Not only that, but DevOps teams are also not sure how to protect their apps due to a lack of visibility into how, where, and by whom their apps are being attacked. At the same time, with app security expertise in short supply, DevOps teams need an easy way to integrate runtime protection into existing CI/CD pipelines.

Close-up of mobile phone with "security" app; Essential App Protection, protect every app, not just the most important ones

A low-code approach to protecting your applications Essential App Protection allows DevOps teams to rapidly integrate mobile app security into code pipelines – without heavy lifting or ongoing management. This solution provides organizations with the first line of defense against reverse engineering attacks by preventing the app from running in compromised environments.

With Essential App Protection, security can be applied after coding by non-technical team members rather than developers with security expertise. The result is that organizations can quickly protect every app, not just the most important ones.

root jailbreak detection, illustration of a dashboard and a protected phone

Proactive app security with intelligent threat detection and response

The key to leveling the playing field with bad actors is knowing how, when, and where they are attacking apps. However, app owners are often blind to the threats their apps face once they are published, essentially creating an “open-loop” environment. The only way app security teams can respond to attacks is after the fact — after the damage has been done.

With Essential App Protection, app owners gain timely intelligence from the moment an app is downloaded into the security posture of their protected apps. App security teams can continuously assess potential threats and dynamically adapt security posture as appropriate.

Erect the first line of defense against reverse engineering attacks

Runtime self-protection

Detect and prevent app instances running in unsafe environments like rooted or jailbroken devices and debuggers.

Actionable threat insights

Take action on timely intelligence into compromised devices with targeted follow-on response and protection.

Easy integration

Use a single script to integrate into CI/CD pipelines and instrument runtime protection without any code modifications.

Quickly protect every app and make intelligent decisions on the appropriate level of protection.

Blue icon of code brackets; Essential App Protection low code

Low code

Does not require any configuration or source code modification, just a single script in the CI/CD pipeline.

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Threat insights that remove the guesswork out of pinpointing where your application is being attacked.

Blue Android and Apple logos; Essential App Protection compatibility


Platform and language agnostic solution that can protect both iOS and Android apps.

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Upgrade to comprehensive app and data protection to prevent tampering, IP theft, and reverse engineering as security requirements evolve. Enterprise Solution circle

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

Protect apps in production against attackers intent on breaching customers and businesses. As part of the Platform, organizations get automated, layered, and adaptive app and data protection with real-time threat analytics, raising the alarm before damage occurs.

The enterprise app security solution

Layered icon (stacked/layered shapes); Multi-Layered App Protection

Multi-layered application protection

Adaptive app and data protection prevents tampering, IP theft, and reverse engineering — Learn more 

Visibility icon (dot chart); Visibility & Intelligence

Visibility and intelligence

Real-time analytics and predictive intelligence against potential threats — Learn more

Warning/Alert icon (triangle w/exclamation point); Advanced Threat Team

Advanced threat team

Industry-recognized security thought leaders with more than 50 years of experience — Learn more

Enterprise customer success

Comprehensive suite of services, tailored to each enterprise’s singular needs — Learn more Essential App Protection resources

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