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ArxanKey & Data Protection

Fully featured white-box cryptography protects encryption and decryption keys stored within an app whether in transit or at rest.

The App is the Weakest Link icon

The app is the weakest link

Apps utilizing encrypted content use keys to decrypt incoming traffic and encrypt outgoing traffic — operations managed by functions inside the code of the application. If an app’s code is reverse engineered, the keys used to encrypt/decrypt content can be discovered and provide a bad actor what they need to decipher encrypted information. Data resident in an app can be compromised, along with all communications used to interact with back office systems.

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Defend the keys

Protecting information you send to users with in-transit symmetric and asymmetric encryption security protects sensitive data from network eavesdropping. Attackers seek to access not only what is sent across the network, but also the app itself and what they receive in their own copy of the app. If cipher keys are uncovered, they can be copied, re-distributed, and used maliciously. Detecting misuse of compromised keys is nearly impossible since they will be used through seemingly legitimate traffic. Key attacks are vulnerable threat vectors. Traditional data protections were not designed to prevent key discovery from reverse-engineering or compromised app code attacks. Strong protection and encryption key management is essential.

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Arxan White-Box Cryptography

Arxan Key & Data Protection is a fully featured White-Box Cryptography suite used for protection and encryption key management for crypto systems. White-Box Cryptography is designed to address the concern that an attacker may look not only at data in-transit, but also observe the endpoint where data is decrypted and keys reside. White-Box Cryptography complements existing encryption technologies used as strong in-transit protection and is designed to secure encryption/decryption keys stored within an app. Using mathematical techniques and transformations, White-Box Cryptography combines app code and keys together for cryptographic operations, whereas the keys are then hidden and cannot be extracted from the app.

Arxan Key & Data Protection provides security and value:

  • Protects sensitive keys and data - a full-featured White-Box Cryptography suite adding symmetric and asymmetric key protection to any mobile, desktop or server app.
  • Easy to install - integrates with all crypto packages, such as OpenSSL, and devices within any architecture - without requiring difficult server side changes.
  • Real-time alerting - notifies organizations of attempted code tampering or analysis as it happens. Security teams can quarantine suspicious accounts and update code protections quickly and prevent damage to core business function.
Differential Fault Analysis, or DFA, is an attack technique that is designed to recover cryptographic keys from apps by injecting “faults” into the app’s crypto code at runtime and observing changes in the app’s behavior. Learn how to protect apps against DFA attacks with Arxan.

Arxan Key & Data Protectiontech specs

Powerful encryption key management supports all major cryptographic key ciphers, modes, and sizes on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Symmetric encryption

  • AES (128 or 256 bit, CBC, ECB, GCM)
  • DES (Single, Triple)

Key exchange

  • ECC/DH (Diffie-Hellman)
  • FCC/DH

Secure hashing & HMAC

  • SHA-1 / 2 / 3
  • HMAC (SHA)
  • CMAC (AES)
  • DES MAC3

Asymmetric encryption

  • ECC/EG (EIGamal)
  • RSA (1024 or 2048)

Signature generation

  • ECC/DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm)
  • RSA (1024 or 2048 key size)

Key wrapping & derivation

  • NIST & CMLA Key Wrapping
  • NIST, CMLA, & OMA Key Derivation

Protecting appsfrom the inside out

Arxan provides comprehensive, app-level security to protect against a range of threats or to enforce enterprise app governance — expanding the corporate perimeter of trust and allowing for easy integration into DevOps processes. Arxan provides a broad range of patented security capabilities to protect applications in the wild — such as a dynamic app policy engine, code hardening, obfuscation, white-box cryptography and encryption, and threat analytics.

The Arxanenterprise solution

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Multi-layered application protection

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Visibility and intelligence

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Advanced threat team

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Enterprise customer success

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