Essentials App Protection

Quickly protect the apps you create. Monitor those apps to discover attacks. Automatically react to app attacks. 

Product Description

Build Secure software as part of your DevSecOps practice by inserting protections as part of your build. These new protections prevent bad actors from tampering with or reverse-engineering your applications and do not require your developers to learn new coding skills. 


Build Secure Software to Prevent Reverse Engineering


Shift Left to Secure Applications

  • Prevent reverse-engineering of your mobile 
  • Prevent app tampering 
  • Quickly and easily insert security into the apps you create during the “Build” stage 
App Sec Protect


Provide visibility into apps outside your firewall 

  • Visibility into which protections are triggered 
  • Stand-alone dashboard with option to integrate with existing Security Operation Center SIEMs 
  • Real time alerts plus searchable logs 


App Sec Monitor


Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) 

Automatically react to attacks on your apps. 

  • Force Step up authentication 
  • Customize reactions to alter specific application capabilities
  • Shut down application