Intelligence DORA Metrics

Optimize your DevOps process and deliver better business value

DORA Metrics

Product Description

Intelligence DORA Metrics is an enterprise-grade AI-powered analytics product to help Agile and DevOps teams take a predictive approach to deliver value.


Manage the Entire DevOps Pipeline, and Prioritize Delivering Value

Predict Deliverables

Accurately predict application delivery

  • Leverage deep AI analysis that spans the end-to-end delivery pipeline
  • Spot positive and negative trends, anomalies, at-risk areas
  • Identify high and low-performing processes to avoid failures

Reduce Cycle Time

Reduce cycle times and increase efficiency

  • Get clear context of metrics so you can best direct efforts to improve
  • Accelerate “concept to cash” by resolving process bottlenecks
  • Identify best approaches to improve the release success rate
Reduce Cycle Time

Deliver Value

Deliver value to business and customers

  • Manage application development aligned to operations value streams
  • Share the impact of your initiatives and ROI with your stakeholders
  • Ensure compliance by showing the Software Chain of Custody

Deliver Value

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