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Release Management Process Release helps you effectively govern your release management process for simple or complex application changes while reducing the risks of application failure.

Efficiently Govern

The DevOps movement has transformed the software development and deployment landscape, enabling organizations to reduce costs and increase efficiency by streamlining the development process. However, as companies embrace DevOps, the ever-increasing complexity of tools required to manage the development pipeline can create new challenges.

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The release management process helps companies orchestrate and automate the countless tasks needed to deploy application features to production and make them securely available to the user.

At, we help you efficiently deliver the applications and upgrades required by your business while maintaining the integrity of your existing production environment.

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Problems That Often Occur as a Result of Not Having a Strong Release Management Process

Eliminate Complexity

Eliminate Complexity of Application Release Process

  • Orchestrates and optimizes release flow for all of the tools using re-usable templates
  • 400+ integrations available in the marketplace
Eliminate Complexity

Reduce Failure

Reduce Failure of Application Release

  • Unified platform eliminates manual hand-offs
  • Gives Change Risk prediction when bundled with Intelligence
Reduce Failure

Ensure Compliance

Ensure End-to-End Release Management Compliance and Visibility

  • Designed for enterprises to deliver software quickly
  • High quality and full compliance: model-based, agentless, dual-mode, and easy to use
Ensure Compliance Release is a Release Management solution that models simple or complex releases and deployments. It helps quickly standardize processes, strategize deployments, and provide a self-service platform to your developers.

It allows you to orchestrate and automate your DevOps release pipelines, while managing dependencies and ensuring that all of the tools in your DevOps toolchain are coordinated for optimal results.

More importantly, it helps you spread DevOps innovations across the organization.

Bundled with the Intelligence Change Risk Prediction, it gives you change risk prediction, which fast tracks low-risk changes and has a more rigorous review for riskier changes, eliminating application release failure.

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“When information flows easily, things get done. It increases software delivery performance and operational performance.”

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