DevOps intelligence for your end-to-end value stream

Optimize software delivery and achieve better business outcomes.


Data is driving the next wave in DevOps intelligence

When it comes to measuring the success of your DevOps and digital transformation initiatives, it can be challenging to find the right metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide useful insights. You must be careful to avoid the trap of vanity metrics that indicate action, but don’t necessarily prove that you’re making progress toward your software delivery goals and your desired business outcomes.’s DevOps intelligence provides the metrics and insight that enterprises need to deliver software more efficiently, with less risk and with better results. DevOps intelligence helps you better understand your software delivery process while measuring and proving the ROI of your digital transformation initiatives.

Measure and optimize DevOps performance to maximize ROI

  • Optimize your DevOps software delivery processes using measurable KPIs

  • Identify trends and manage software delivery risk

  • Use data to identify bottlenecks in your software delivery pipelines

  • Measure and prove the impact of your DevOps initiatives

Value stream KPIs for DevOps

Track performance (icon of bar and line graph); Track DevOps performance and gain actionable insights

Track DevOps performance and gain actionable insights

Analyze the complete DevOps value stream from ideation and planning, through building and testing, to deployment to production. Get clear context for your measurements to understand the meaning behind the numbers, so you can best direct efforts to continuously improve.

Identify icon (magnifying glass); Identify trends, risks, and performance issues

Identify trends, risks, and performance issues

Spot positive and negative trends, anomalies, at-risk areas, and high- and low-performing processes, so you can address problems before they become failures. Accelerate “concept to cash” by resolving process bottlenecks, improving release success rate, and replicating high-performing approaches to software delivery.

Chain links icon; Capture and prove with Software Chain of Custody

Capture and prove the Software Chain of Custody

Software Chain of Custody provides evidence of everything that happens in your software delivery process. Just as logistics chain of custody documents a product’s path through the supply chain to the consumer, Software Chain of Custody proves what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen in your software delivery.

Interoperability icon (4 connected browsers); One control panel for DevOps impact and ROI

Single view for DevOps impact and ROI

Share the impact of your initiatives and demonstrate ROI to your stakeholders with DevOps analytics and dashboards. Leverage deep analysis that spans the end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline, including automated testing, application security, and release to production. presents a dynamic, living infographic of the past, present, and predicted future states of your DevOps value stream. 

Highlighting customer outcomes

“Clear metrics based on best practices are essential for the success of DevOps initiatives. Companies have struggled for years to properly assess the overall impact of their efforts to improve software delivery.”
Dr. Nicole Forsgren
Founder of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) and VP of Research & Strategy at GitHub

DevOps & value stream management:

The key to amazing business outcomes with insights from Gene Kim, DevOps enthusiast and author

Mistakes you can avoid using DevOps intelligence

  • Missed deadlines caused by long-running tasks, manual hand-offs, or pipeline failures

  • Wasted money and resources that result from poor coordination between planning and delivery 

  • Missed opportunities because software deliveries aren’t aligned with business goals

  • Chaotic software delivery processes where DevOps teams are constantly fighting fires rather than delivering new features and value

  • Lost revenue and increased customer churn because you couldn’t deliver value fast enough

  • Change release failures and unplanned downtime caused by failed production deployments

close up image of the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

DevOps intelligence is powered by the tools in your DevOps toolchain. Visit the Periodic Table of DevOps Tools to learn about the best-in-class tools available for each part of the software delivery lifecycle, and use the DevOps Diagram Generator to model your own release pipeline.


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