Adapt to shifting customer needs while reducing risks of application delivery delays

Speed Time to Market While Reducing Business Risk

The financial sector is in a continuous race against time, relentlessly adapting to meet swiftly changing customer needs, increase profitability, and get ahead of the competition. Today's commercial and business consumers are tech-savvy, demanding smooth, secure, and ground-breaking digital experiences.

With the constant shift in customer needs and the advent of new technologies, financial services organizations find themselves in a position where they need to keep up to stay relevant. This means consistent upgrades to current products and launching new services across web, desktop, and mobile devices to elevate the overall customer experience.

Organizations must balance the need to create applications quickly with the need to secure them. Yet they operate in an ever-evolving threat landscape, so security must be added as part of the application development process itself, with tight integration between agile planning, testing, release and deploy – each stage in the CI/CD pipeline.

With the DevSecOps platform, financial institutions can quickly adapt to market changes while reducing risks of application delivery delays, business outages, and non-compliance fines. With enterprise agile planning, automated testing, application security, release orchestration, deployment automation, and compliance at the core, your teams can deliver secure, innovative software and earn customer trust and loyalty, while you remain one step ahead of the competition in the ever-shifting financial landscape


  • Multiple delivery pipelines that vary by product, project, environment, or even team makes it hard to deliver on time
  • Security that is added to applications as an afterthought, not part of the SDLC
  • Complex releases across the hybrid infrastructure and fragmented tools cause delays and change failures
  • Inconsistent, inefficient, and manual processes and hidden dependencies put schedules at risk
  • Limited visibility to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, bugs and defects or prioritize improvements provides the financial services industry with a comprehensive solution for delivering secure and compliant financial apps on time and on budget. Financial services organizations can improve their security posture, meet regulatory requirements, and focus on delivering innovative financial products.

“Our consumer banking app has millions of daily users making inquiries and conduct transactions. It’s a huge and growing channel for us to serve our customer base and drive customer satisfaction. Security of our customer’s information and finances is mandatory.”

Technical Architect, Mobile Security, Top 10 US bank

Deliver secure, compliant, and efficient software at scale

Introduce innovative, quality digital services faster

Align software delivery with business strategy, streamline value streams, and enhance application reliability and quality to deliver innovative customer experiences. Gain end-to-end visibility and AI-powered analytics to identify unknown dependencies, manage capacity, and eliminate bottlenecks. Identify and fix bugs, defects, or potential security issues before they become costly. Predict cycle times, increase deployment frequency, and speed time to market by automating and orchestrating releases across your complex technology environments at scale.

Deliver secure and compliant software

Seamlessly integrate security measures throughout the software delivery lifecycle by inserting security, compliance, and quality checkpoints into your DevSecOps pipelines. Prevent reverse-engineering of your applications without re-training the development team on secure coding practices, insert protections to automatically react to threats in real time, and monitor threats to consumer banking in production to ensure stronger protection of sensitive data and stringent regulatory requirements.

Boost efficiency, mitigate risk, and streamline governance

Confidently embrace change while mitigating risk to maintain secure and efficient processes. AI-powered DevSecOps platform facilitate seamless software delivery through advanced automation, real-time insights, and collaborative features. By analyzing data from development and IT operations, predicts change failure rates, granting IT Ops an unprecedented advantage to reduce these rates by up to 50% and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, automates governance processes, reducing the manual effort required for change review by up to 90%.

Predictive Intelligence Diagram

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