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Achieve agile planning excellence Agility helps organizations harness the power of their people’s knowledge, processes, and technology to build agile practices that scale across the enterprise. Its capabilities enable organizations to align products and investments with strategic business goals by coordinating planning, tracking, and reporting work across large distributed companies. Agility connects business strategy with team execution, providing a unified view at all levels, from the portfolio to teams. It helps everyone from executives to developers collaborate, communicate, and gain visibility within a single environment. and FedRAMP and FedRAMP becomes the first agile planning solution to achieve FedRAMP "In Process" status.

Scale agile faster, easier, smarter

  • Unify agile across the portfolio and team levels

    Connect business strategy with team execution, providing traceability from high-level initiatives to detailed development work.

  • Adapt to market and customer needs

    Quickly prioritize product features that deliver the most value, and coordinate updates across all teams.

  • Improve coordination

    Effectively align development teams to the organization’s goals and collaborate across separate projects, manage dependencies, and improve efficiency.

  • Invest where it’s needed the most

    View the progression of in-flight work and track development status using kanban boards and other visualization to balance resources and capabilities across your organization.

  • Effectively communicate and collaborate

    Bring everyone — from executives to developers — together in a single environment with in-context conversations, dedicated planning rooms, and communities.

  • Eliminate disconnects with stakeholders

    Internal and external stakeholders stay apprised and up to date with roadmap status and strategic plans.

  • Continuously increase development team performance

    Agile metrics and analytics highlight progress and performance at the team and portfolio levels through reporting that enables the organization to continuously learn and improve.

  • Flexibly implement agile frameworks for your organization

    Supports constructs, practices, and metrics of leading enterprise agile frameworks including SAFe®, LeSS, DAD, Spotify, and others.

  • Connect software development with delivery end to end

    Agile teams gain visibility across the end-to-end software development and delivery platform and third-party system connectivity. circle graphic of enterprise solutions

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

Strategize, develop, and deliver software faster. As part of the Platform, Agility enables organizations to prioritize investments and adjust to the needs of the market to provide greater business and customer value.

Scaled Agile Partner Gold and Platform Badges

Realize agile at scale with SAFe® and Agility

Our experience and expertise enabling organizations to adopt an enterprise agile framework is recognized across the industry. Agility’s support for the core competencies of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) simplifies adoption of SAFe® 5.0, regardless of organizational complexity and agile maturity. Our expert training and consulting services will help your organization further accelerate its agile transformation and deliver value sustainably, efficiently, and continuously.

Highlighting customer outcomes

VersionOne (now known as Agility) is the only enterprise platform that can manage work effectively for very large-scale development involving multiple teams across the world.
Bennet Vallet
Agile Strategist at Siemens Health Services
The combination of SAFe and VersionOne (now known as Agility) provided the best opportunity to help us reach our business goals.
Kel Koenig
Release Train Engineer at Dean Health Plan
I’ve used Rally and JIRA, and it was clear to me that VersionOne (now known as Agility) had a much better user experience and aligned more closely to SAFe out-of-the-box.
Evan Smith
Release Train Engineer at MasterControl

Plan & Create Analytics Lens

Enable organizations to gain insights and achieve more by processing data from across the entire planning process, including agile planning, product portfolio management, and more.

  • Increase predictability: Visualize the progress of program increments in real time, helping identify and eliminate stumbling blocks to deliver critical features when needed

  • Improve performance: Track team and organization performance across program increments, identifying areas that are going well and needed improvements to deliver more value

  • Accelerate time to value: Hundreds of proven development and performance metrics make it quick to get up and running and see the improvements to your business real time

Diagram showing integrations with Agility

Connect with Agility Agility integrates with systems across software development and delivery, including team-level agile, ITSM, CRM, and ALM systems. Organizations are able to unify their ecosystem, gain improved visibility, and create a single source of truth for all of their data. Agility seamlessly integrates with team-level agile tools, such as Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps, enabling organizations to scale agile across the entire product portfolio without needing to rip and replace their existing team-level solutions.

Agility Teal Integration icon

Built-in integration hub within Agility connects systems and automatically synchronizes data.

Server solution icon

Solutions include Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, Atlassian Jira Service Management, and more.

User interface icon

Intuitive interface for self-service set up, configuration, and maintenance.

eye visibility icon

Provides end-to-end visibility to provide greater insight and accelerate business agility.

Find out more about how Agility Connect extends team-level agile across the enterprise

Learn more about ALM Connect

Learn how one customer delivered 5x more features by implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® with Agility. Agility services and training

We have helped thousands of teams across industries configure, implement, and optimize Agility for agile project management. Learn how our training and coaching services can accelerate your agile transformation, whether you are starting small or scaling up. Agility resources Learn more on implementing, managing, and scaling agile methods in your organization.

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Solution brief

Navigate the new normal of fully remote agile teams   

Achieve remote work success and ensure safe, productive, and engaged distributed teams with Agility. 

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Enterprise frameworks with value streams enable agile at scale   

Organizations undergoing digital transformation need to release software more frequently that delivers more value using enterprise agile frameworks together with value stream management.

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Market guide

The enterprise guide to successful virtual PI planning

This guide explains the PI planning process from beginning to end with recommendations and best practices on how to effectively perform each activity remotely using Agility. 

Icon for Solution Brief Agility Overview
Solution brief Agility overview Agility provides agile project management capabilities that enable teams at all levels of the organization to strategize, develop, and deliver software faster. 

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Together, Agility, Release, and Deploy power end-to-end agile and DevOps at enterprise scale. Plan, automate, and orchestrate software releases across your teams and portfolio so you can release your apps to any platform quickly and safely, and gain a single source of truth for compliance, security, and improved collaboration.

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