Continuous Testing Tool for Automated Device Testing & Debugging

Deliver flawless customer experiences with scalable web and mobile testing Continuous Testing enables enterprises to test at scale, increase test coverage, and make data-driven decisions to deliver high-quality, error-free web and mobile apps.

Continuously test your web and mobile apps with enterprise-grade security, scalability, and visibility

Fast release of high-quality applications 

  • Test both functional and performance related scenarios continuously and scale your projects to meet increasing release demands.
  • Expand coverage and test securely on a large matrix of real devices and browsers located in's ISO 27001 and SOC-2 secured global data centers.
  • Execute both mobile and cross-browser testing automation from within a single platform.

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Simple environment for test creation and debugging

  • Record and play test scenarios faster with a click, and export them to your IDE in the language of your choice.
  • Expand automated test coverage (more tests); and allow test development by users who know the application best (e.g. business analyst, QA testers).
  • Eliminate test defects directly from your test execution window with debugging tools to validate your automation testing.

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Enterprise grade testing infrastructure

  • Use a hosted cloud (on-premise, or SaaS) of mobile devices and browsers for testing that your dev/testing teams can access from anywhere.
  • Manage your mobile devices and browsers from a centralized hub that cloud managers can use to update OS versions, and app versions en mass.
  • Devices hosted in our private or public cloud are protected in ISO 27001 and SOC-2 secured global data centers.

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Enterprise-grade security, scalability, and visibility.


Release high-quality applications faster with simplified test creation, and debugging at scale.

Test Development

Write robust, stable test scripts with advanced identification methods and the new Test Editor

Large-Scale Execution

Execute tests in parallel on multiple browsers and mobile devices all from one platform


Integrate with your existing development tools, IDE’s, testing frameworks, and CI environments

Analytics Lenses

Gain end-to-end quality insights and drive improvements with the Integrate and Test Lens

Performance Testing

Analyze performance by simulating different servers, measuring transactions, and speed index

Accessibility Testing

Test voiceover and gestures to deliver accessible website and application experiences for people with disabilities

Lab Management

Manage test projects by granting remote access, monitoring execution progress, and sharing usage reports

Autonomous Testing

Auto generate sanity tests and accelerate your test creation with no coding skills necessary

See how customers leverage Continuous Testing

Enabled an innovative digital QA strategy:

" Continuous Testing has increased our web and mobile application testing coverage, allowing our teams to release digital apps to market much faster."
Supported existing frameworks and agile scalability:

" Continuous Testing is a developer-friendly web and mobile app testing tool with adaptable architecture, lightweight configuration, and unparalleled technical support."
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Deliver high-quality applications with testing executed at speed and at scale

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Mobile device and browser lab makes real devices and browsers easily available to more DevOps teams, wherever they are.

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