Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery brings efficiency to every step of your CI/CD pipeline and reduce risks of application delivery failure by automating your application deployment

Efficiency in your CI/CD pipeline

Orchestrate and automate your CI/CD pipeline with DevOps Continuous Delivery solution. Leverage pre-configured templates to automate software deployment from development to test and production across complex environments.

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Improve Developers' Experience When Deploying Code in Any Environment Continuous Delivery solution helps your developers deliver quality applications easy and seamlessly

Easy Delivery

Continuous Delivery Made Easy

  • Improve the overall software delivery process experience for developers
  • Gives flexibility to developers while maintaining compliance and security
  • Build a self-service onboarding environment
  • Developers can spot and fix issues faster, removing waste time of doing manual tasks
Continuous Delivery Made Easy

Efficiency & Quality

Bring Efficiency and Quality

  • Use performance and load testing to make sure your app can handle heavy traffic and usage
  • Become compliant by testing accessibility to meet global usability standards
  • Test network conditions to see how that behavior will affect your app

Bring Efficiency and Quality

Visibility & Transparency

Visibility & Transparency across Teams

  • Enable data-driven decisions with an extended view of the entire CI/CD pipeline
  • Predictable releases risks with Change Risk Prediction scores
  • Support compliance and governance requirements with auditability and reporting

Visibility & Transparency across Teams


Continuous Delivery (CD) for Multi-Cloud and other Environments

Support complex enterprise multi-cloud, on-premise, Mainframe, and VMs environments

Governance and Compliance Readiness

It gives a complete audit trail and reporting of who does what and when and significantly reduces audit complexity and cost

Integrated Continuous Integration

Increase testing efficiency by seamlessly integrating Continuous Testing with your existing development tools, IDEs, testing frameworks, and continuous integration (CI) environments

Release Management & Orchestration

Orchestrate hundreds of deployment tasks from development to test and production. Helping reduce the failure of hand-offs and missed tasks

Automate Application Deployment

Orchestrate hundreds of deployment tasks from development to test and production. Helping you create a repeatable process and eliminate developers’ waste time on manual tasks

Change Risk Prediction

Integrate with your IT Service Management tool, predict change risk scores, and identify riskier changes

Visibility and Transparency Across Teams

It gives you complete visibility of the entire CI/CD pipeline, helping you to remove bottlenecks and improve the application development process

Integrated Solution

It includes hundreds of integration out-of-box with and your existing DevOps tool set

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