Mobile Testing and Debugging

Access +2,000 real iOS and Android mobile devices. Perform mobile testing continuously and accelerate release cycles.


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Key Features

Create Appium tests directly from your IDE (Eclipse/IntelliJ) using a simple visual interface that includes device reflection, test recorder, and Object Spy. Test complex use-cases such as barcode and check scanning, audio features, GPS, and TouchID.

Learn more about Appium Studio and Appium Studio for Eclipse and IntelliJ

Run hundreds of parallel Appium tests across +2,000 real iOS and Android mobile devices using the Continuous Testing grid, directly from your CI/CD tools. Use advanced analytics and reports to quickly detect and fix bugs, analyzing your tests over time and versions.

Debug your application in real time with Continuous Testing integration to Xcode, XCUITest, and Android Studio. Instantly interact with your app and detect bugs quickly with detailed reports that include screenshots, videos, and log files.

Seamless integrations

Run Appium and Selenium tests without any modification directly from your IDE, using any mobile testing framework such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, TestNG, JUnit, etc. Tests can be programmed in any language (Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JS, etc.)


Additional Features

You can also execute cross browser testing. Learn more on our cross browser testing page


Real Device Cloud

Instant access to +2,000 real devices, compliant with the highest security standards (SOC2, ISO27001).

Real-Time Debugging

Debug your app directly from your dev environment, review logs, videos, and reports to quickly detect and fix bugs.

Real-Life Interactions

Interact with devices as if they were in your hand – either manually or automatically.

Test in Development Environment

Test your applications securely in their development and staging environments using a network tunnel.

Performance Testing

Test how your app affects battery and CPU consumption, and how it operates in different networks and network conditions.

Support for OS Beta Versions

Start testing on new OS versions as soon as their beta versions are released.

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