Application Security

Protect the apps you create. Monitor those apps to discover attacks. Automatically react to app attacks.

"As more and more applications emerge or migrate to newer architectures, application shielding increases in importance and relevance for all types of organizations."

Build Secure software as part of your DevSecOps practice by inserting protections as part of your build. These new protections do not require your developers to learn new coding skills and prevent bad actors from tampering with or reverse-engineering your applications, thus preventing your applications from becoming attack vectors for back-office breaches, credential theft, cryptojacking, script injection, keylogging, or IP theft.

Build Secure Software to prevent reverse engineering

Shift Left to protect apps

  • Build Secure Software as part of App Dev Process
  • Protect Mobile, Web, and Desktop apps
  • App protection for widest range of platforms and languages

Provide visibility into apps that are under attack

  • Stand-alone dashboard with option to integrate with existing Security Operations Center tools
  • Real time alerts plus searchable logs
  • Visibility into which guards and protections are activated

Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

  • Force Step-up authentication
  • Alter application features
  • Shut down application


Protect the apps you create from attack. 


 Application Protection for Mobile, Web, and Desktop

App Protection for Mobile

Protect, monitor, and react to threats to apps built using Android Native/App, iOS Native, Java Bytecode, JavaScript

App Protection for Desktop

Protect, monitor, and react to threats apps using Linux Intel, Linux ARM, Mac, and Windows

App Protection for Web

Protect, monitor, and react to threats to Web Applications

Key and Data Protection

White Box Cryptography to protect keys and obfuscate data stored in Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux

See how gaming customers leverage Application Protection for Mobile to prevent cheating, modding, and piracy

Cheaters were driving legitimate customers away: 

By using App Aware, over 30,000 cheater accounts were identified and shut down.
Top European Gaming developer Application Security resources: Learn more about Application Protection Application Security
Product Brief Application Security

Prevent threat actors from tampering with the applications you create by adding
protections to your AI-powered DevOps Platform.

Analyst Report

The Vulnerability Epidemic in Financial Services Mobile Apps's application and mobile app protection solutions go beyond Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) by providing layered and adaptive app protection. Application Protection for Web
eBook Application Protection for Web

Learn how Application Protection for Web can prevent credential theft and other malicious activity.

Quick and Easy Ways to Insert Security Into Your AppDev Life Cycle

Quick and Easy Ways to Insert Security Into Your AppDev Life Cycle

Learn how to start protecting, monitoring, and reacting to attacks on your mobile apps

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