We are pleased to announce Digital.ai Agility 21.1, Digital.ai Release 10.1, and Digital.ai Deploy 10.1, providing new capabilities that increase visibility and improve collaboration through delivery insights across the end-to-end software delivery process.   

As more and more teams and enterprises use agile and DevOps together, it becomes increasingly important that they can easily integrate tools and track progress of work items across the software development and delivery process. Our latest releases of Digital.ai Agility and Digital.ai Release include new features specifically designed to address these needs. We seamlessly connect the data and artifacts at each release stage with their corresponding agile stories and features, providing the Development and Release teams with a single view of the release pipeline, increasing visibility and improving collaboration. We also make it easy to get started with out-of-the-box release progression views that highlight status from your entire toolchain, saving you set up time without the need for additional scripting. These new capabilities represent a step forward towards a connected platform that aligns the value provided to customers with the processes that deliver them. 

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Of course, this is not the only benefit we are providing with these releases. We have many additional new features and enhancements to help improve efficiency, usability, and performance.  

Digital.ai Agility 21.1  

Extend agile to the portfolio level  

Use Digital.ai Agility at the portfolio level to extend your existing ServiceNow team-level solutions, enabling your organization to roll up stories, epics, and features from each team into a single view for the entire portfolio, letting you see everything that is happening in a single place and easily adjust the direction of the organization to meet the needs of the market.  

Increase visibility with expanded integration options 

Newly added support for Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center (formerly HP ALM), enables customers to integrate their existing solutions with Digital.ai Agility to create a synchronized single source of truth for their data. 

Improve work efficiency with usability improvements 

Several usability improvements simplify and reduce effort for common tasks including new and improved Getting Started landing pages, adding and moving tasks within Kanban, Story, Task, and Test Boards, as well as enhanced search and filtering capabilities, improving efficiency for users. 

Maintain control while giving users access to the data they need 

We now synchronize data to multiple Digital.ai Agility instances from a central location, allowing administrators to manage control over local instances while providing users access to the data they need to get their jobs done. 


Digital.ai Release 10.1 

Expanded security options for integrations  

Newly added support for OAuth 2.0 and improved secrets management with HashiCorp Vault & CyberArk Conjur, which provides customers with more advanced and secure connections to third-party applications.​ Additionally, we updated our BlackDuck plugin for Digital.ai Release, adding support for token-based authentication, ensuring you can meet compliance requirements. 

Improve visibility and collaboration with the new Digital.ai Continuous Testing (formerly Experitest) plugin 

The recently announced Digital.ai Continuous Testing plugin for Digital.ai Release unifies two key platform solutions to enable you to easily integrate and execute manual and automated mobile and web application tests and track results as part of your software delivery process. 

Additional features and updates improve usability and performance while further expanding deployment options include: 

  • New integrated guidance directly within Digital.ai Release​ helps users quickly get productive and highlights new capabilities they can use as they become available  
  • Updates aimed at improving system performance under high loads such as improved paging and purging of trigger activity logs, lowering the number of teams/roles/permission reads, and improved cluster stability 
  • Production support of Digital.ai Release added for Microsoft Azure and Google Kubernetes Engine (AKS & GKE), letting you choose where – on-prem or in the cloud – to run Digital.ai Release 
  • GitHub & GitLab plugins for Digital.ai Release are now supported  

Digital.ai Deploy 10.1 

Quickly improve and standardize deployments across cloud and container environments 

We now provide some example cloud configurations, showing you how using modular Digital.ai Deploy Stitch components saves you time and ensures consistency across deployments. We have also automated the manual sync after the merge step to increase efficiency and sure you are always in sync with your GitOps repository. 



Faster time to value In Kubernetes environments 

Improved Helm charts and new installation options for configuring the install based on the type of deployment, help speed up and optimize your Digital.ai Deploy installation into Kubernetes environments.​ 

Improve performance and deployment processes while further expanding your deployment options with additional features including:  

  • Added caching to reduce the number of database calls and wait time, significantly reducing the time needed to deploy your applications  
  • The plugin manager is now available in Digital.ai Deploy, making it easy to see which plugins you have installed and faster to find and install new plugins 
  • Production support of Digital.ai Deploy added for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service and Google Kubernetes Engine, letting you choose where – on-prem or in the cloud – to run Digital.ai Deploy 
  • The ability to use tags within policies and to deploy Microsoft Azure site extensions using the plugin for Digital.ai Deploy, improving your deployment process and policy enforcement 
  • Updates to the Cloud Foundry plugin for Digital.ai Deploy add support for sidecar processes and rolling deployments, giving you greater flexibility to deploy your applications in a way that best meets your specific needs. 
  • Terraform Cloud plugin for Digital.ai Deploy now supported 

As you can see it has been a busy three months since our last set of releases!  Digital.ai Agility 21.1, Digital.ai Release 10.1, and Digital.ai Deploy 10.1 are available for customers now.   

To Learn More: 

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