Scale team-level agile with Agility Agility seamlessly connects with team-level agile collaboration tools, such as Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps, enabling teams to get the benefits of enterprise agile without needing to rip and replace their existing solution.

Organizations need enterprise agile to extend practices across their product portfolio

Team-level agile solutions don’t scale across an organization’s entire product portfolio. As companies grow and look to adopt agile across multiple projects and teams, team-level solutions encounter several problems that hinder productivity and efficiency.

  • Teams have difficulties sharing best practices and continuously learning from successes and failures.
  • Management is unable to effectively balance resources, determine risk, and make prioritization decisions for the overall organization.
  • Organizations cannot easily or quickly pivot priorities to meet market and customer needs due to siloed communications.
  • Teams face challenges adopting tool and process standards and best practices due to fragmented methodologies across the organization. Agility enables organizations to scale their agile solutions, providing capabilities to prioritize features and investments across the entire portfolio and track project status at all levels in a single location. Teams collaborate, reduce duplicate work, and are able to share learnings of what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Organizations gain a portfolio view to quickly pivot, prioritize, and deliver what customers and the market needs.

  • Connectivity with team-level tools, including Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps
    Extend team-level agile across the portfolio through integrations with Agility.

  • Leverage – don’t replace
    Achieve enterprise scalability without the need to replace existing processes and team-level solutions.

  • Unify methodologies across large organizations
    Adopt a standardized agile methodology and agile project management tools across the entire organization instead of siloed teams each with unique and incompatible solutions.

  • Scale agile to the organization portfolio
    View project status for the entire organization in a single location where managers and developers can track and prioritize features across the product portfolio.

  • Improve business agility
    Quickly pivot and reprioritize across the organization from the top-level portfolio down to individual teams based on market and customer needs.

  • Break down team silos
    Improve collaboration, reduce duplicate work, and share and drive best practices across the entire organization.

  • Improve efficiency through collaboration
    Bring everyone together in a single environment with in-context conversations, planning rooms, and communities.

  • Flexibility to choose enterprise agile framework
    Supported constructs, practices, and metrics for enterprise agile frameworks including SAFe®, LeSS, DAD, Spotify, and more. Agility Connect provides native connectivity with Agility for agile portfolio management Agility Connect provides native connectivity with team-level agile tools, including Atlassian Jira. Its two-way integrations improve data visibility across the organization, providing a single source of truth. Organizations can build upon and scale existing agile practices beyond the team and across the entire portfolio.

Team-level agile support

Team-level agile support

Connect seamlessly with popular tools, including Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface

Easy to initially set up and maintain configurations through the self-service user-friendly interface.

High-performance bidirectional connectivity

High-performance bidirectional connectivity

Full communications provide visibility to all of your critical data. 

Project-level configurations

Project configurations

Provide flexibility for each project and team to customize their solutions based upon their needs. has been named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools.


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Solution Brief

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How to avoid the pitfalls organizations encounter when scaling agile. 

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Product Demo

Implement SAFe® 5.0 with Agility and Jira

Watch this live demo to learn how to use Agility with Atlassian Jira to scale team-level agile up and across the enterprise.

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Solution Brief

Scale Agile with SAFe® 5.0 using Agility and Jira Agility integrates with Atlassian Jira to enable SAFe® beyond the team level.

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