Deploy deployment automation

Formerly XebiaLabs XL Deploy

Automate and standardize complex, enterprise-scale application deployments to any environment—from mainframes and middleware to containers and the cloud. Speed up deployments with increased reliability. Enable self-service deployment while maintaining governance and control.

The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Delivery & Release Automation, Q2 2020 Benefits of Model-Based Deployment
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Benefits of model-based deployment

Automating application deployments is a crucial step for companies that are working hard to realize the benefits of agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery. As software lifecycles continue to accelerate and deployment environments become ever more numerous, error-free application deployments have become too complex for any human being to manage. Organizations need to automate and standardize. Designed for enterprises with complex environments, Deploy is a necessity for any team that needs to deploy an ever-growing number of applications to an increasing number of target systems.

Deliver applications faster and more efficiently

  • Model-based, highly scalable approach

    Changes are simple to make and propagate to all environments. No need to maintain complicated scripts or workflows for each deployment instance.

  • Deployment analytics and reports

    Capture metrics, generate reports, and analyze the deployment process so you can continuously improve.

  • Enterprise security and centralized audit capabilities

    Get role-based access control to support compliance and governance requirements. With one tool to automatically capture logs, auditing is easy.

  • Agentless architecture

    Get the only deployment solution that is fully agentless. Easily configure target systems you could not normally reach without installing a proprietary agent.

  • Easy to adopt for new technologies

    Move applications to the cloud and scale enterprise deployment of containers. Adopt new technologies and manage hybrid environments while retaining control.

  • Reliable deployments for global enterprises Deploy’s Satellite module provides remote deployment execution engines in your infrastructure: on-premises, in remote data centers, or in the cloud.

  • Automated rollback Deploy keeps track of all changes made to your environment, so you can automatically roll back or undeploy at any point.

  • Easy for everyone to use

    Business users can enjoy a friendly user interface, while tech gurus can leverage powerful APIs and define assets in code.

Highlighting customer outcomes

With XL Deploy we were able to automate the deployment process end-to-end. Deployments can be repeated more readily in other environments, and deployers do not have to spend so much time on administrative tasks.
Ronald Bosch
Group Manager, Air France-KLM Enterprise Solutions circle

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

From mainframes to Kubernetes clusters, scale and modernize application deployments using the best technology for your applications. The Platform automates your most complex deployments, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Move smoothly to the cloud

Cloud icon for Migrate Applications from Legacy Platforms to the Cloud

Migrate applications from legacy platforms to the cloud

Leverage standardization and automation to migrate to the cloud, knowing your cloud deployment processes are repeatable and error-free.

Clouds icon for Configure Complex Cloud Environments

Configure complex cloud environments

Centralize configuration data to reduce duplicate work and promote reuse of vetted, secure cloud environment configurations.

Unlocked icon for Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Avoid vendor lock-In

Abstract cloud configurations and automatically manage differences across environments so your teams can deploy applications on AWS, Azure, Google, and more.

File structure icon for Manage Dependencies

Manage dependencies

Stay on top of hundreds of cloud instances by centralizing dependency management and automatically building application dependencies into the deployment process.


Extend Deploy with an array of ready-to-use integrations with leading DevOps tools Deploy resources Learn more about automating and scaling deployments in your organization

icon for blog post Announcing the latest releases of Agility and DevOps solutions

Announcing the latest releases of Agility and DevOps solutions

Increasing visibility, improving collaboration, and providing insights across the end-to-end software delivery process. 

Icon for Infographic The Secret Behind Model-Based Deployments

The secret behind model-based deployments

Many deployment automation tools use a workflow approach based on manual scripts, which rapidly become too complex to maintain at scale. As teams leverage automation to streamline and standardize the deployment process, a model-based approach helps meet goals more efficiently.

Icon for Whitepaper To Infinity and Beyond: Accelerating Application Migration to the Cloud

To infinity and beyond: Accelerating application migration to the cloud

Cloud technologies such as AWS offer access to flexible, scalable infrastructure. Explore the challenges of moving applications to public, private, and hybrid clouds and learn about a proven framework for simplifying and scaling cloud migration.

Icon for Video DevOps Transformation at KeyBank

DevOps transformation at KeyBank

KeyBank needed a solution that would provide release orchestration capabilities across their entire DevOps toolchain — including ITSM activities happening in ServiceNow. gave KeyBank the orchestration, governance, and control they needed to deploy applications faster and safer.

See Deploy in action

Driving your DevOps solution end to end

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Together, Deploy and Release (formerly XebiaLabs XL Release) power end-to-end continuous delivery at enterprise scale. Orchestrate your DevOps tools without scripting, release your apps to any platform quickly and safely, and gain a single source of truth for compliance, security, and metrics reporting.

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