• Enterprises now receive insights earlier in the software delivery lifecycle to improve software quality faster than ever before
  • The company’s AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform offers enterprises a compliant and responsible path for using LLMs and AI-code assist tools
  • Digital.ai’s software delivery workflows improve end-to-end processes, enabling customers to apply AI to enhance velocity and limit risk

RALEIGH, July 18, 2023 — Digital.ai, the market-leading AI-powered DevSecOps platform purpose-built for the complexities and scale of today’s enterprise, today unveiled advancements in AI capabilities across its solutions that provide customers with enhanced software delivery capabilities and insights for better decision making. Digital.ai’s AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform reflects enterprise demand to use AI to improve decision making, help govern and orchestrate the release of software created and optimized by generative AI tools, and automate software delivery workflows further with AI.

Enhanced AI Solutions to Improve Predictive Decision Making
Digital.ai has enhanced each of its Predictive Intelligence solutions to help alleviate static information and lack of insights across the software delivery lifecycle to help predict risk, remove software delivery bottlenecks, and speed up CI/CD pipelines. Enhanced AI-powered intelligence capabilities include:

  • Flow Acceleration to accelerate DevOps workflows and predict cycle times.
  • Quality Improvement to prevent defect leakage through early detection and assess code quality effectiveness.
  • Change Risk Prediction to identify risky changes, reduce change failures, and allow teams to identify and manage risk before production.
  • Service Management Process Optimization to anticipate future service risks, mitigating risks of major incidents.

“Digital.ai has a rich history of leading AI/ML in software delivery, for more than a decade we have been working with enterprise customers around this topic. We were born from a founding principle to help customers better understand the end-to-end business process of software development and delivery by breaking down data silos and applying analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence across end-to-end software delivery processes,” said Wing To, General Manager of Intelligent DevOps at Digital.ai. “These new advancements in Digital.ai’s Predictive Intelligence solutions continue to redefine how enterprise teams use the power of AI to boost intelligence to identify bottlenecks, analyze delivery trends and uncover risks.”

Managing the Impact of Generative AI and LLM
While the potential of AI tools like large learning models and code-assist in the software development domain has shown impressive coding productivity enhancements, compliance, security, legal and quality issues remain. Building on a rich history in enabling large enterprises to orchestrate releases across complex DevSecOps delivery practices and infrastructures, Digital.ai helps enterprises manage governance, risk and compliance of code being created or optimized via AI in core areas, including:

  1. Govern Releases and Mitigate Exposure by automating and confirming scans to understand 3rd party IP, security and quality concerns.
  2. Identify Higher Risk Code Changes with automatic scoring methods that identify and rank code changes with a higher risk.
  3. Empower Developers with Self Service and Best Practices through workflow templates built from Industry standards.
  4. Establish Policies and Regulatory Controls to ensure releases address security vulnerabilities and improve performance.

Leveraging AI to Further Automate DevSecOps Workflows
To harness productivity gains from the rapid adoption of AI-assisted software development, Digital.ai is utilizing the power of AI to automate and accelerate software delivery workflows with the upcoming features: Test Creation to simplify editing and creating test cases based on updated or new feature requirements; User Story Generation to automatically turn product descriptions in requirements and user stories; Knowledge Assistance to identify useful information in planning and DevOps repositories, and Threat Insight to inform security experts on recommended changes to protected apps by analyzing historical trends.
To learn more about preparing development teams for generative AI, access Digital.ai’s “Unlock the Power of AI” ebook at: https://digital.ai/resource-center/ebooks/unlock-the-power-of-ai/

“There is little doubt that this next wave of AI has and will continue to change how teams plan, build, test, secure, deliver and monitor software. At Digital.ai, we have been building up for this moment for over a decade,” said Derek Holt, CEO of Digital.ai. “Our DevSecOps Platform has a proven track record in helping the world’s largest enterprise organizations to responsibly leverage AI to deliver software and automate delivery workflows. Today’s announcement regarding the evolution of our market-leading portfolio marks a major milestone in allowing the world’s largest enterprises to leverage AI safely and responsibly.”

The latest improvements to Predictive Intelligence solutions on Digital.ai’s AI-Powered DevSecOps Platform are generally available today.

To learn more about all the latest AI capabilities or how Digital.ai safely improves generative AI usage and productivity, visit: https://digital.ai/solutions/ai/.


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Digital.ai is an industry-leading technology company dedicated to helping Global 5000 enterprises achieve digital transformation goals. The company’s AI-powered DevOps platform unifies, secures and generates predictive insights across the software lifecycle. Digital.ai empowers organizations to scale software development teams, and continuously deliver software with greater quality and security while uncovering new market opportunities and enhancing business value through smarter software investments. Additional information about Digital.ai can be found at https://digital.ai and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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