Integrate tools, orchestrate releases, and automate tests and deployments to bring efficiency to every step of your DevOps pipeline

The CD Tools you Need

The DevSecOps Platform is built to bring the robustness of our tools alongside your current open-source platforms, to deliver an automated DevOps pipeline solution made for continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery of unmatched potential.

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Deliver Resilient Applications Faster with CI/CD Tools

The DevSecOps Platform gives your development teams a unified experience to continuously deliver quality apps and features.

Break Siloes

Provide a Unified CD Pipeline for Developers and Release Managers

  • Break the siloes between development teams by unifying, integrating, automating code build, testing, and releasing quality apps
  • Increase productivity by enabling teams to securely develop, test, and release code to production
  • Reduce risk by eliminating tedious tasks, such as testing and deploying

Speed Up Software Delivery

Break Siloes

Increase Efficiency

Increase Test Efficiency for Modern Apps

  • Seamlessly integrate your existing tools such as: IDEs, testing frameworks, and continuous integration (CI) environments
  • Test on a matrix of devices and browsers with a variety of manufacturers' OSs
  • Use a private or shared cloud of devices and browsers to enable testing anywhere

Continuous Automated Software Testing

Break Siloes

Compliance & Governance

Seamlessly Enforce Compliance and Governance

  • Automate your entire CD pipeline, keeping a record of every step for audit purposes
  • Manage CD dependencies within and across multiple pipelines to reduce cycle-time
  • Identify risk factors that development teams can use to mitigate change risk proactively

Governance and Compliance for DevOps

Compliance & Governance


Continuous Integration Across Multiple CI/CD Tools

Integrate into any environment, including: TeamCity, Jenkins, Travis CI, Gitlab CI, Azure DevOps, Amazon Web Services, and many more

Test Directly From Your CI Tool

Access a broad test platform to mass deploy your application on target devices using RESTful API

Automated Test Framework Support

Use any testing framework to run your automated tests and projects: TestNG, JUnit, NUnit, Cucumber, and more

400+ Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Includes hundreds of integrations with and your existing DevOps tool set

Continuous Delivery Tools for Multi-Cloud

Support complex enterprise multi-cloud, on-premise, mainframe, and VM environments

Governance and Compliance Readiness

Reduce audit complexity and cost with complete audit trail and reports

DevOps Pipeline Visibility and Transparency

Remove bottlenecks and improve application development with total visibility of the entire CI/CD pipeline

Change Risk Prediction

Integrate with your IT Service Management tool, predict change risk scores, and identify riskier applications changes

Why are CI/CD Tools Important?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Tools play a key part of strengthening your DevOps approach. CI/CD facilitates the smooth integration of code changes, automated testing, controlled release, and rapid deployment of software, which enables development teams to drive innovation and value with flexibility and reliability. The following points highlight some strengths of adopting CI/CD tools:

Accelerate Time to Market: CI/CD tools streamline the DevOps process into a repeatable and expected format, allowing your teams to release software updates and features at a more consistent cadence, which will lead to a market advantage.

Improve Quality: By automating testing and deployment, CI/CD tools ensure expected and consistent quality across releases, lowering the probability of errors and bugs in production environments. 

Increase Efficiency: Automation provided by CI/CD tools reduce the manual developer needs to work on repeated tasks, freeing up time for development teams to focus on more valuable tasks. 

Minimize Risk: With automated testing and your enterprise CD pipeline, CI/CD tools help identify and mitigate risks early in development, reducing the chances of major production issues. 

Promote Continuous Improvement: CI/CD tools enable continuous integration of feedback from stakeholders, facilitating recurring improvements to processes and products. 

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See Our Solutions In Action

Whether you have a robust internal process or rely on open-source tools, our team of experts are available to help your enterprise build an efficient CD pipeline with our powerful CI/CD Tools.