Quality Improvement

AI-powered analytics for more effective and efficient software quality management.

Help your development and quality teams address:


Ineffective software testing efforts


Limited understanding of quality risk factors


Predicting and preventing release quality issues


Prioritizing quality improvements projects that add value

Quality Improvement gives you the power to...

Proactively find and fix systemic issues with software quality across the development lifecycle, before they impact delivery. Eliminate bottlenecks and minimize testing inefficiencies, improving quality and the digital customer experience while lowering application support costs. Establish consistent quality improvement practices across the organization by measuring success factors in the best performing value streams.

Quality Improvement - Effectiveness

Improve quality effectiveness

Identify test coverage gaps between production & QA that diminish the delivered value. Increase test execution coverage for applications/value stream/teams with consistently lower defect-removal efficiency

Quality Improvement - Defect Leakage

Prevent defect leakage

Identify and take action on key risk factors that are driving up the number of predicted production defects. Drill down and analyze risk factors in order to determine systemic root cause in order to enable targeted action and learning.

Quality Improvement - pipelines

Remove pipeline blockers

Identify value streams with the top opportunities to accelerate flow by relieving blocked pipelines that are affected by quality issues. Analyze the impact of blocked pipeline on overall lead time and take targeted action.

Benefits of Quality Improvement


Reduce rework

• Prevent defect leakage
• Increase test effectiveness


Improve quality

•    Improve pipeline quality
•    Increase code coverage
•    Improve the digital customer experience


Reduce release risk

•    Predict release quality risks
•    Avoid release rollbacks

Enterprise Solutions circle

Enterprise-size problems require enterprise-grade solutions

AI-powered analytics improve software quality by preventing defect leakage, reducing release quality risk, and increasing test effectiveness. The Platform brings together software lifecycle orchestration targeted AI and software lifecycle orchestration solutions that improve software delivery efficiency, reliability, and business impact.


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