Predictive Intelligence

While continuous delivery accelerates application delivery, major application disruptions can generate significant negative business impacts, especially for enterprises with complex environments.

With Intelligence - Change Risk Prediction (CRP) - you can avoid production environment failures by gaining visibility on change risk scores and patterns in key risk factors that lead to change failure. It enables teams to predict the probability of failure of each application change and helps eliminate problems before they appear.

Intelligence CRP is an enterprise-grade cloud predictive analytics product that provides pre-configured dashboards with hundreds of curated data-driven insights


Change Risk Prediction

Predict, identify, and make data-driven trade-offs to speed up application deployment while avoiding business disruptions.

Change Risk Prediction Dashboard

Why Predict Data

Intelligence CRP correlates data from many best-of-breed DevOps solutions, including CI/CD ( Release and Deploy, Azure DevOps), IT Service Management (ServiceNow, BMC), and others. The benefits are:

Increase Efficiency

  • Reduce work and recovery costs
  • Focus resources on truly risky changes
  • Change MTTR of change related incidents

Accelerate Agility

  • Reduce change lead times
  • Make changes more frequently
  • Be more responsive to business needs

Reduce Risk

  • Identify and fix systematic causes of change failure
  • Predict change failure; plan to mitigate
  • Make data-driven decisions on resource allocation

Maturing from Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence

Change Risk Prediction Path

Expanded Change Risk Prediction Capabilities

Integration Marketplace

Out-of-the-box plugins to leading application development, DevOps, Operations tools.

Domain Specific Dashboards

Dozens of pre-configured, ready-to-use dashboards and curated insight metrics.

Cloud Data Lake

Integrated data from multiple sources, normalized and available in a cloud data lake.

Flexible Platform

Build your own metrics and dashboards to support your business needs.

Change Risk Prediction Dashboards Sample

Change Risk Prediction Credit Score

Change Credit Score

Gives the change risk score to decide approach before moving to production.

Change Risk Prediction Factor Analysis

Change Risk Factor

Define and manage specific risk factors for changes.

Change Risk Prediction Impact Hotspot

Change Impact Hotspot

Pinpoint the impact of changes and take proactive actions.

Change Risk Prediction Recommendations

Change Recommendations

Recommend change approaches based on risk factors.

Adopt an AI-driven Approach to Business Success


The Difference

UNIFIED DEVOPS PLATFORM - Integrate DevOps & Security capabilities to enable continuous delivery of software

POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Generate predictive insights that provide the intelligence to make smarter investments

CONNECTED TO THE ENTERPRISE - Connect to existing processes, applications and infrastructure to propel innovation that find new market opportunities


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