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Improve speed, efficiency, and visibility from software planning to production

Value Stream Management

Integrating tools and tracking progress of work items across complex release processes is challenging for large enterprises. At, we have been focused on improving our ability to provide end-to-end visibility of software deliveries, increasing the efficiency of organizations’ release processes. We are pleased to announce Agility 21.3, Release 10.3, and Deploy 10.3, with new capabilities to deliver on this focus.

Improve visibility and delivery insights across agile and DevOps

Our latest releases of Agility and Release provide new enhancements to the delivery insights capabilities to help you save time and increase visibility. Additional filters in the Manifest view let you easily track the progress of a particular release. The History panel has been expanded to add promotion history, in addition to the commit history already available. This gives you the visibility to see when a specific version moves from environment to environment. Automated release notes generation and export provides you with sharable notes for pre-production and production releases, saving you time and ensuring that all changes are documented.




Of course, these are not the only new features being delivered. Let’s dive into some additional capabilities coming as part of these October releases. Agility 21.3 

In addition to the items highlighted above, Agility 21.3 is also helping to:

Improve work efficiency with usability improvements

This release provides several usability improvements, including ensuring all required fields in tasks or tests are completed before closing a story or defect, providing governance and consistency. We have also updated our portfolio item Kanban, story, task, and test boards to have collapsible columns, providing a more compact view. These views also add scroll bars to each column, making it easier to view columns with many cards.

scrum Release 10.3

Improve speed and stability to support GitOps at scale 

This release continues to improve the speed and stability of our as-code CLI operations and tech preview GitOps-enabled versioning with improved apply and permissions capabilities. These improvements align GitOps support with DevOps practices and further support GitOps at enterprise scale.

Increase efficiency and manage complexity of multiple application releases

A new multi-select Listbox variable enables users to intuitively model their release orchestration flows to release multiple applications to multiple environments, ultimately reducing the number of release flows needing to be created and managed.  While this is one specific use case, the new multi-select Listbox variable is a generic component that can be used for anything else you need to model as a list — such as environments, users, issues, etc.

Faster and easier installation and upgrades with a new Kubernetes Operator

We are now providing a Kubernetes Operator for Release and Deploy. This single Kubernetes Operator makes it faster and easier to install and upgrade your DevOps solutions, so you can quickly get access to the latest features and capabilities.

Kubernetes Deploy 10.3

In addition to the Kubernetes Operator mentioned above, Deploy 10.3 is also delivering:

Faster time to resolve a deployment failure

Our new redeployment capability removes the need to undeploy first. This new option ensures cleanup of the previous deployments before redeploying the same application version for the specific environment, making it faster and easier to fix deployment issues if they occur.



Reduce risk with integration improvements

Reduce security risks using newly enabled IAM Token auto generation based upon the TTL time provided by the Google Cloud integration plugin for Deploy, improving user access controls

Once again, it has been a busy quarter as we continue to work on ways to improve the end-to-end software delivery process for our customers. To learn more about the latest releases, check out the links below: Agility 21.3 Release Notes Release 10.3 Release Notes Deploy 10.3 Release Notes

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