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Discover the Platform Orchestration layer that connects the entire software development and delivery process end to end across the software lifecycle.

Value Stream Management

The Platform Orchestration layer connects the entire software development and delivery process end to end across the software lifecycle. The Orchestration layer implements the process and integrates all of the tools and domains, and also infuses AI-powered analytics while providing insights via the Analytics Lenses to drive and continuously improve the outcomes. 

Release orchestration plays a vital part by automating software delivery stages, such as continuous integration, testing, security, and application deployment. This segment of the Platform delivers value and efficiency at scale by orchestrating, controlling, and gaining visibility into software delivery pipelines.

Powerful and multi-faceted, the Orchestration layer combines integrated enterprise agile planning, DevOps, application protection, and testing solutions for frictionless software delivery.

The Orchestration layer is separated into four essential elements: 

  • Plan & Create: Agility 
  • Release & Deploy: Release and Deploy 
  • Threat Analytics: Application Protection
  • Integrate & Test: Continuous Testing

Plan & Create: Agility

The Plan & Create lens, which encompasses Agility, connects business strategy with team execution, providing a unified view at all levels, from the portfolio to teams. It helps everyone from executives to developers collaborate, communicate, and gain visibility within a single environment. Agility integrates with systems across software development and delivery, including team-level agile, ITSM, CRM, and ALM systems. Organizations are able to unify their ecosystem, gain improved visibility, and create a single source of truth for all of their data.

In addition, Agility seamlessly integrates with team-level agile tools, such as Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps, allowing organizations to scale agile across the entire product portfolio without needing to rip and replace their existing team-level solutions.

Release & Deploy Release and Deploy make up the Release and Deploy lens in the Orchestration layer. These tools gather data from across the end-to-end software release process, including release orchestration, deployment automation, and integrated DevOps tools. Release and Deploy analyze key metrics across your end-to-end release process to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of your software deployments to production

With these solutions, teams across the organization can:

  • Drive alignment: Use out-of-the-box metrics to align release process investments to your business goals, ensuring that business and technical teams are moving in the same direction.
  • Increase visibility: Gather data from your end-to-end release process, including integrated tools, providing customizable views that quickly deliver the insights the organization needs.
  • Improve efficiency: Release orchestration and deployment automation, plus hundreds of metrics enable teams to identify bottlenecks, understand processes, and automate tasks, significantly improving efficiency. Release Release is release management and orchestration software that helps organizations manage increasingly complex software delivery processes by easily integrating with existing DevOps tools and then modeling end-to-end processes. With Release, teams can accelerate delivery and reduce risk using automation that maps and standardizes your release processes. The solution also increases visibility so you can pinpoint and address inefficiencies to drive read impactful transformation.

3 key benefits:

  • Manage the complexity of your software delivery process with enterprise-scale release management and orchestration solution that easily models your end-to-end release processes, works with your existing system and tool investments – no rip & replace – and gives stakeholders from across the organization a common view and location to collaborate. 
  • Accelerate delivery while reducing risk with release process automation that maps and standardizes your existing processes including manual and automated tasks, giving you the flexibility to support teams wherever they are in their DevOps journey.  
  • Increase visibility and lower costs with customizable dashboards and reports that provide a complete view of everything happening across your applications and environments to help you pinpoint and address inefficiencies while tracking status and collecting release data for fast and easy audit reporting. Deploy Deploy offers the benefits of automated model-based deployment for complex enterprise environments. This solution is crucial for organizations working to realize the benefits of agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery. Deployment environments have become too complex for any human to manage, and organizations need to automate and standardize numerous deployments required by today’s organizations. Deploy is the market-leading deployment automation solution that enables teams to increase the speed and efficiency of application deployments, improve reliability and scalability no matter where the applications are deployed – on-prem or in the cloud, all while helping you reduce costs and accelerate innovation.  

3 key benefits:

  • Increase speed and efficiency of application deployments using automatically generated and optimized deployment plans that leverage reusable infrastructure, environment configurations, and tested best practices, so you can provide governance, improve deployment frequency and reduce overhead. 
  • Improve reliability, security, and scalability of deployments with the ability to run hundreds of simultaneous deployment plans across your infrastructure (on-prem or in the cloud), knowing you can quickly recover and automatically roll back from failures should they occur. 
  • Lower costs and accelerate innovation using a single tool that can deploy to any target technology, enabling migration from legacy platforms to the cloud while offering self-service application deployments, increasing developer efficiency. Application Protection’s proprietary protection capabilities shield apps from reverse engineering, tampering, API exploits, and other attacks that can put your business, your customers, and your bottom line at risk.

  • Application Protection Solution stops threats and protects against:
  • Reverse engineering, debugging, and code tampering
  • Encryption key discovery and API manipulation
  • Financial fraud or credential, data, and IP theft
  • Malware insertion, spoofing, and data exfiltration
  • Cheating or piracy of games, apps, or digital content Continuous Testing Continuous Testing enables enterprises to increase release velocity while providing their customers with satisfying, error-free experiences across all devices and browsers.

Continuous Testing allows for seamless integration with best-in-class tools throughout the DevOps pipeline and allows organizations to scale their continuous testing without compromising web and mobile app quality.

The Continuous Testing platform provides:    

  • Manual mobile app testing: Test the new functionality of mobile applications manually with full device control on physical mobile devices remotely accessed in real-time from your browser. 
  • Automated mobile testing: Easily create and run large-scale Appium tests across +1,000 real iOS and Android devices, emulators, and simulators hosted in Continuous Testing’s global data centers.
  • Live cross-browser testing: Test sites and web applications remotely, across real desktop browsers of any type and version with secure manual interactions. Test UI responsiveness and debug with any browser dev tool.
  • Automated cross-browser testing: Perform large-scale parallel test execution across thousands of combinations of desktop and browser versions and OSs on our hosted Selenium Grid.

Driving Continuous Improvement

When combined, the Platform’s powerful Orchestration Layer solutions enable complex enterprise organizations to accelerate business processes and allows teams to:

  • Unify software delivery: Connect and simplify complex processes with the flexibility to integrate solutions and technologies your business needs, from mainframe to Kubernetes, on-premises to the public cloud.
  • Increase process efficiency and reliability: Delivering better software faster by automating manual release processes, enforcing governance and best practices, and increasing reliability and resilience.
  • Use insights to drive improvement: Gain visibility and insights using data from across the software lifecycle to identify bottlenecks, apply pre-built metrics, and enable a process of continuous improvement.

Take a closer look at the Orchestration Layer with all of its capabilities here.


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