Application Release Orchestration

Orchestrate, control, and get visibility into your software delivery pipelines — at enterprise scale.

Continuous delivery needs release orchestration that scales

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Organizations look to continuous delivery to deliver software to customers faster and more reliably. Release orchestration plays a vital part by automating software delivery stages, such as continuous integration, testing, security, and application deployment. However, organizations face several key challenges when orchestrating their release processes. First, individual teams may each use different release processes for each application, environment, or target technology. Also, integrating DevOps tools often has a steep learning curve. Finally, some manual tasks may be difficult or impossible to automate.

DevOps integration icon (infinity symbol); Application Release Orchestration (ARO) Release (formerly XebiaLabs XL Release) orchestrates and accelerates the software delivery process. It adds a layer of governance to each release, ensuring that the right tasks happen at the right time, every time — whether done automatically by tools or manually by teams. Release orchestrates the entire software delivery toolchain, providing the backbone for DevSecOps. And it allows teams to model delivery processes in a way that maximizes reliability and reusability. 

Orchestrate the most advanced software delivery pipelines with ease

Manage manual work, automated tasks, and DevOps tool integrations in a unified flow

Benefit from more reliable, more consistent software releases

Balance the enterprise's need for control with the teams’ need for autonomy

Predict pipeline failures and delays so teams can take preventative action

Improve value delivery efficiency and reduce lead time for changes

Reduce the effort and cost of IT audits for DevOps teams

See real-time critical release pipeline information

Easy for both technical and business stakeholders to use

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Enterprises need automation, visibility, intelligence, and control

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Orchestrate advanced software delivery pipelines across tools and teams

Orchestrate the entire end-to-end software delivery pipeline from build, testing, security, provisioning, to deployment. Optimize and automate the flow of value across the software delivery process, creating a release process that ensures the right tasks are executed at the right time, every time.

Standardize icon (conveyor belt with two boxes); Improve the reliability of delivery execution

Improve software delivery reliability and predictability

Reusable pipeline templates promote best practices and enable consistency from release to release. Standardizing pipelines across applications, environments, and teams improves stability and predictability. Shared templates ensure that software delivery processes meet corporate requirements for testing, security, and regulatory compliance.

Scales icon; Balance enterprise control with development team autonomy

Balance enterprise control with development team autonomy

Maintaining control and ensuring software compliance does not to be at the expense of development flexibility. Release allows organizations to enforce standards through governance, while teams can choose to integrate with hundreds of popular DevOps tools that they know and love.

Predict icon (circles connected with lines); Predict and prevent release failures

Predict and prevent release failures

Failure risk is assessed automatically based on customizable and configurable factors. Risky releases are highlighted, bringing potential delays and failures to everyone’s attention so they can take preventative action. Risk is continually reassessed as releases run, so you always know the latest status.

Stopwatch icon; Improve efficiency and reduce change lead time

Improve efficiency and reduce change lead time

Use data analytics to pinpoint process bottlenecks and uncover new opportunities for pipeline improvement and optimization. Contextual insights inform decisions that reduce software time to market, so you can deliver value to your customers faster than ever before.

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Reduce audit effort and cost

Comprehensive, automated audit reporting reduces the time and effort that teams spend gathering data from across the DevOps toolchain and compiling it for IT auditors. A push-button, exportable audit report shows who did what, when, where, and how for every release that runs, whether it succeeded or failed.

Analytics icon (computer with bar graph); Real-time dashboards

View real-time status and historical data

Real-time dashboards make it easy to see the status of software delivery pipelines, highlighting the progress of critical releases and any potential risks. Data visualizations enable teams to view the details of past releases to evaluate the health of their release pipelines and opportunities for improvement.

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Easy for everyone to use

Whether a manager or developer, work in the mode that you prefer. Business stakeholders can enjoy a friendly user interface while tech gurus can define and maintain all configurations as code. With extensive APIs and a lightning-fast command-line interface, it is easy to apply GitOps best practices. Regardless of their role, users from across the organization can see the same release status, dashboards, and reports.

Highlighting customer outcomes

“We chose because it best met our business need to focus on release automation rather than the provisioning process.”
John Lysen
CIO, Medecision powers end-to-end Software Chain of Custody gives you 100% visibility into your complete software delivery lifecycle, so you can know what happened with every person, every tool, and every process for every release. We’re the only platform that can collect, deliver, and analyze the data from across the entire DevOps toolchain. With hundreds of DevOps tool integrations, we can give you a unified view of your data gathered across the entire DevOps value stream. Get real-time visibility and on-demand audit reports that let you know what happened to your code, from the time it was checked in to the time it was released to production.

Highlighting customer outcomes

“If you’re looking to improve, accelerate and streamline your end-to-end software delivery, and enforce compliance requirements in a repeatable, auditable process, you want”

—Vito Iannuzzelli, Assistant VP of IT, NJM Insurance Group


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