Deploy: Deployment Automation Tool for Software and Applications

Achieve fast, secure, reliable deployments to all of your environments — from mainframes and middleware to containers and the cloud.

Deployment automation is critical for today’s enterprises

Deployment automation is a crucial step for organizations that are working to realize the efficiency and reliability benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery as part of digital transformation. With the speed and frequency of software deliveries continuing to increase and environment types and complexity continuing to grow, reliably deploying applications that meet the needs of the business is a critical challenge.

Designed for enterprises with complex applications and complex environments, Deploy (formerly XebiaLabs XL Deploy) enables teams to address this challenge with the tools needed to deploy a growing number of applications to an increasing variety of target environments.

Automate and standardize complex application deployments

  • Reduce deployment times while reducing errors and failures

  • Accelerate cloud migration and adoption of container technology

  • Streamline dependency and configuration management across different technologies

  • Support self-service deployment by teams while maintaining governance and control

  • Reduce administrative overhead for target environments with agentless communication

  • Roll back failed changes with a few clicks — no undo scripts required 

  • Gain insight into past deployments and identify areas for improvement

  • Easy for both technical and business stakeholders to use

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Take the risk out of application deployments

Stopwatch icon; Simplify and speed up deployments to complex environments

Simplify and speed up deployments to complex environments

Unlike other deployment tools,’s model-based deployments eliminate the need for teams to create and maintain complicated scripts, runbooks, or workflows for each application and environment. Should any issues occur, rollback to remove problematic changes at any point in the deployment process.

Cloud icon; Accelerate cloud migration and adoption of containers

Accelerate cloud migration and adoption of containers

Take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings that cloud and containers offer. Optimize your multi-cloud strategy by using one solution for deploying all of your applications, whether to public, private, or hybrid cloud — with intelligent support for Kubernetes, serverless, microservices, and more.

Streamline/merge (3 arrows coming together); Streamline dependency and configuration management

Streamline dependency and configuration management

Simplify dependency and configuration management for complex deployments, such as microservices. Standardized environment configurations help teams deploy applications quickly and safely. What was once complex, such as containerizing applications or migrating them to the cloud, is now easy through reusable configurations. Scale your experts’ knowledge across the organization by sharing tested configurations and deployment best practices.

Protect icon (padlock); Protect critical environments while enabling self-service deployment

Protect critical environments while enabling self-service deployment

Enable agile teams to deploy applications while maintaining protection and control through granular role-based access control, secure communication with remote systems, and fully integrated secrets management. One solution manages the control needed to ensure that teams can safely deploy all critical applications, while also automatically capturing logs to quickly identify and resolve any problems. 

Reduce icon (line graph pointing down); Reduce administrative overhead for all environments

Reduce administrative overhead for all environments

Quickly and easily deploy applications to target environments without the need for a proprietary agent. Deploy is fully agentless, which means you can get started quickly, avoid overhead and costs, and effortlessly scale up as you provision new infrastructure and cloud environments.

Alert/warning icon (triangle with exclamation point inside); Reduce administrative overhead for all environments

Minimize application downtime and reduce change failures

Fully automated deployment rollback makes it easy to remove failed changes and restore applications to a working state. Undo complicated changes (even database updates) with a few clicks.

Analytics icon (bar and line graph); Gain deployment insights and continuously improve

Gain deployment insights and continuously improve

Comprehensive dashboards and deployment reports help teams identify areas to improve efficiency, reasons for deployment failures, and opportunities for process optimization. Detailed data is automatically captured for all deployment activity — whether deployments succeeded or failed.

Thumbs up icon; Easy for everyone to use

Easy for everyone to use

Whether a manager or developer, work in the mode you prefer. Business stakeholders can enjoy a friendly user interface while tech gurus can define and maintain all deployments as code. Regardless of their role, users from across the organization are able to view the same status, dashboards, and reports.

Promote cloud and container adoption across the enterprise

Scalability icon (box with arrow to larger box): Scale cloud and container deployments without scripting

Scale cloud and container deployments without scripting

Scripted cloud and container deployments don’t scale across applications or environments. A script that works for one application, cloud provider, or container orchestration platform rarely works for others. Often, each DevOps team writes their own scripts, leading to a disorganized mess and a lack of standards across the organization. Over time, teams spend more time dealing with scripts and less time developing value-adding application features. Deploy’s declarative deployment model ensures DevOps teams don’t waste valuable time writing or maintaining one-off deployment scripts.

Security icon (shield with checkmark inside): Reduce rework and increase security

Reduce rework and increase security

A production-ready cloud environment requires setting up network interfaces, public IP addresses, virtual networks, subnets, route tables... and potentially more. It is also essential to carefully configure application and environment security to avoid exposing your organization to risk. How do you ensure that configurations are consistent across many different environments? Deploy promotes the reuse of best practices by centralizing cloud and container configurations and data to use across multiple different application deployments. Reusing existing configurations reduces duplicate work, provides governance and security, and ensures the right steps are taken for every deployment.

Helping hand icon (hand pulling another hand up): Spread expert knowledge from team to team

Spread expert knowledge from team to team

While cloud and container expertise are hard to come by, Deploy makes it easy for teams across the organization to learn from the pros.


Cloud and container specialists can build modular configurations in code, store them in a source control management system, and specify rules for when and where each should be applied — all in a way that scales for future deployments. Sharing and reusing vetted cloud and container configurations ensures that everyone can benefit from the knowledge of experts.

Dependency icon (hub and spokes): manages complex dependencies automatically

Manage complex dependencies automatically

Dependency management is more challenging than ever when containerizing applications and deploying them to a range of public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. Centralized dependency management helps you stay on top of all of your applications and environments. Deploy automatically identifies application dependencies and determines the correct versions during the deployment process, fully transparent, and without manual effort from the team.

Reliably distribute deployments across environments

Enterprises today need to execute many complex, long-running deployments in parallel, across a variety of environments: from on-premises infrastructure, to globally distributed data centers, to public, private, and hybrid clouds. Scaling deployment workloads without sacrificing efficiency or slowing down the software delivery pipeline is hard. And when high-latency, low-bandwidth networks are in the mix, deployment becomes even more challenging. Deploy satellites provide remote deployment execution engines located with your infrastructure, whether on-premises, in remote data centers, or in the cloud. With satellites, coordinates deployments efficiently, reliably, and securely.

  • High scalability. Offload deployment to satellites distributed across your infrastructure. Satellites do the heavy lifting without slowing down your continuous delivery pipelines.

  • Fault tolerance and reliability. Network failures cause deployment failures. Losing a connection to a satellite no longer means the deployment cannot continue.

  • Reduced network traffic. Distributing work to satellites substantially reduces network traffic and reduces costs to configure and maintain critical infrastructure.

  • Increased security. Deploy only directly accesses its satellites, not deployment targets. Satellites provide an extra layer of protection for servers, virtual machines, and containers from potential hackers

  • Simpler connections between Unix and Windows. Local satellites make deploying applications across operating systems becomes faster and easier.

  • Built-in load balancing. Deploy automatically load balances deployment loads between groups of satellites and provides a backup and failover in case one group happens to go down.

Highlighting customer outcomes

“Since implementing, we have achieved consistent deployment and release processes and gained visibility into the bottlenecks of our processes.”
Matt Cipollone
Software Lifecycle Engineering Manager, Paychex
“With Deploy, we were able to automate the deployment process end to end. Deployments can be repeated more readily in other environments, and deployers do not have to spend so much time on administrative tasks.”
Ronald Bosch
Group Manager, Air France-KLM


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