Intelligence Lenses

Drive continuous improvement across the software lifecycle with purpose-built analytics.

Product Description

Intelligence Lenses is purpose-built analytics combining hundreds of dashboards and metrics that help you deliver resilient applications faster.


Smart Decisions With Hundreds of AI-Powered Insights and Analytics

Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility Across Software Delivery Lifecycle

  • Visibility into the entire application lifecycle from portfolio management to operations
  • Single pane-of-glass across teams and leaders, keeping everyone informed and aligned
  • Multiple Lenses focused on specific domains, with hundreds of metrics for data-driven decisions
Increase Visibility

Streamline Value Streams

Streamline Application Development Value Streams

  • Identify pipeline and operations bottlenecks while minimizing risks
  • Optimize process and bring efficiency from application development, to release and operations
  • Define and manage KPIs, for continuous process improvements
Streamline Value

Deliver Value

Prioritize Application to Deliver Business Value

  • Gain instant access to the information you need to make effective decisions
  • Align application delivery to business needs using data to prioritize your application pipeline
  • Manage operations and application development value streams and focus on delivering value
Deliver Value

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